Sunday, April 23, 2017

Idaho Falls Temple

This is a short post (Sorry).  I had a great first week. I met a few of my students and I just love them. They are amazing.  I have never had so many international students in one class.  It is kind of cool.  One of my students comes from a poor country. He told me that after his friend served his mission and told him that many people die because they don't have enough money to get medical care, he was sad. He decided he wanted to study medicine so he can help people. 

I bought a treadmill...I could not resist the cheap price. It is almost new and was $50 only. It runs great...even though I have not had time to actually use it. I have been busy trying to get a decent garden going. My mint plants are the only ones I managed to plant, but they are doing great, and I look forward to the rest of my garden.

I bought a lawn mower and had a hard time mowing my lawn for the first time. Not sure if there is a good way to do it, but it does not look that great. I guess I will get better at it with time.  

On Saturday we went to the Idaho Falls Temple open house. We took with us a friend from Libya and her mother. Her mother felt uncomfortable at first and did not want to go, but I think she enjoyed the tour. I tried to translate the video for them and hopefully they understood a little bit about what temples are.  The Idaho Falls temple is so beautiful inside and has many amazing paintings. Sadly, the tour goes so fast that you can't stop and admire things. It was a beautiful day and the flowers on the temple grounds were amazing. Here are some pictures.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter

I hope you all are having an amazing Easter and enjoying this beautiful spring day. 
As I shared on my Facebook post, I love Easter. I love the hope that the atonement provides. I lost many loved ones this year. My uncle, my aunt, and just recently the sudden death of my beloved cousin, Wisam. I am grateful for the Savior and what He has done for me. Because He walked out of His tomb alive, so will my beloved relatives. 

This talk by Elder Holland is still my favorite video about the atonement...
Click to watch: None Were With Him 

Elder Bednar reminds us that the atonement is not just there to help us repent of our sins and be forgiven. It is also not just something that helps us conquer death. The atonement is there to help improve the quality of our lives. Because the Savior suffered in Gethsemane we don't have to suffer that much. He bears our burdens and gives us strength. Through the atonement we can tap into a power beyond our own. The power to change our circumstances or the power to go through what life brings our way. Here is the full talk if you want:
 Click here for Elder Bednar's talk 

We start our new semester tomorrow. It seems like we just finished a semester (wait, we did just finish). I finished grading on Tuesday and turned in the grades and now we are starting again!  I am hoping this semester won't be as stressful. I have only two different classes so I don't have 3 preps as I did last time. It should be easier, right?

Susan and I took a trip to Big Sky (Ski Resort) last week. It was a nice drive. Sadly, we didn't see many animals (I guess the bear couch will do). I don't know where the animals were hiding. There was lots of snow up there, but the weather was not bad. Here are some pictures, really beautiful...

The only thing missing from Big Sky is a good restaurant. It took us a while to find a place to eat...

Anyway, Happy Easter...I hope you will enjoy a snow-free weekend.