Sunday, January 19, 2020

Lehi's Dream

I didn't write last week. I don't know who would be interested in my boring life. 
I made a new year's resolution and I am doing exactly the opposite of what I decided to do. I have never been so lazy. I just stay home and watch shows. Streaming is really bad because when you like a show, you can just watch one episode after the other and never stop. 

My friend does tabs for English book of Mormons and labels them so that people can find answers to their questions in the book easier. I translated those into Arabic and now I am going to put those on my Arabic Book of Mormons and maybe give some away. 

I have an amazing Arabic class this semester. They are interested in learning and are trying hard (well most of them). I feel I may teach them a lot more this semester than I did last semester. Changing the course structure really helped. I added more assignments for them to do to prepare and they are learning a lot faster. 

I am enjoying having a lighter semester this time. Last semester was super hard for me, and next semester, I am teaching 5 classes, so I think I deserve a slow semester in between.

My cousin will be coming to visit me next month. I am looking forward to her visit even though she may get bored being stuck in the cold Rexburg Winter. I'll be working every day too. But, I hope to find a few fun things to do while she is here. Skiing? Building a snowman? We'll figure something out. I guess we can just sit by the fire and drink hot chocolate and play games.

You may have seen my post on Facebook about the friend who needed help with her tuition. I managed to find an organization to help her and managed to raise enough money to pay her tuition for one semester. Sadly, her father just passed away. But, she sent me a text telling me how much comfort she feels and how much her faith has grown. She believes more in the power of prayer and that she is not alone. I am so grateful I was able to help her when I could.

I taught Sunday School for the youth for the first time today. I had them draw Lehi's vision and describe the symbolism in it. It was really fun to see their perspective. I loved the lesson this week. Because even though I read Lehi's vision like 50 times now, I was able to find more information in it. Like the 4 groups of people in the vision (those that rebelled, those that believed but didn't read the scriptures at all, those that read every now and then, and those that read every day). The last group is the only one that managed to get to the tree and partake of the fruit.

I love how in 1Nephi 11:24 it talks about people falling down to worship the Savior and also when people get to the tree they 'fall down' which shows that they made it to the Savior. The fruit gave them joy, but it is the Savior that gives us joy. During His atonement he took upon Him all the bitter, so we can taste the sweet.

Sometimes we don't think of dreams as visions but they can be. I had a dream once, similar to Lehi's dream. Where I was partaking of the fruit of a tree. It was so delicious and I invited my brother and his family to come partake of it. My brother and his children came and ate of the fruit, but my sister-in-law was not willing to. I remember how hard I tried in the dream to convince her to just try the delicious fruit, but she refused. 

Sometimes we have things in our lives that make us happy and we try to share them, but we can't force people to try things. We can only love and invite them and pray for them. I am so grateful I tasted of the fruit and for the joy it brought me.

Here is a link to a video the church made about the vision:
Click to watch video about Lehi's dream

Sunday, January 5, 2020

The Book of Mormon

I don't have much to say. So, this will be short. It was so nice to be off work for a while. I have enjoyed doing nothing...Sitting in my Jacuzzi, doing a puzzle or watching TV. On most days I can't find motivation to do anything, but I figure it is Ok because I do need rest. We start a new semester this week and the nice vacation is coming to an end sadly.

I am adjusting to eating no gluten. For the most part I have figured out what to eat. I may have to live on little bread because bread does not taste that great and it is soooo expensive. I paid $2 for a piece of bread the other day and decided maybe it is not worth it.

I found gluten free cereal that I sort of like, and got some oats and pancake mix. So, I think I should find something to eat for breakfast generally without having to eat bread.

My only problem happens when I get invited to dinner. For new year's eve, I was invited to someone's house. I found little to eat...nuts and tomatoes were the only gluten free things. And the other day at another friend's house I had salad for lunch. I'll start taking my food with me I guess so I don't starve :)

The other problem happens when I want something sweet. I don't eat chocolate and almost every other dessert has gluten. 

I tried to make a cake today from coconut flour, and I think it was a mess. We will see how it ends up tasting. I may have to look into my chocolate intolerance again because there are some kinds of chocolates that don't make me sick, I just have to find them. 

Ok, well Chinese food is also a problem because apparently soy sauce contains wheat. Has anyone with allergies found a way to eat at a Chinese restaurant? I may have to start making my own Chinese food from gluten free Soy Sauce. 

I don't mean for this post to be about my food allergies. But, when you are on break from work all you can think about is what to cook and eat. 

I am not complaining really, it has not bee that difficult for me to stay away from gluten. I think it will get better as time goes by as well.

I hope you all have a great week...I thought I would share this video about the Book of Mormon. 

Click to learn what the Book of Mormon is about

I am looking forward to studying the Book of Mormon this year and teaching it to the youth. Our Sunday School class has increased in size and I am glad I get to work with the youth still. I love the testimony of 3 witnesses. I love how, even though all of them left the church, they never denied that they saw the gold plates and never denied the authenticity of the Book of Mormon. If you have not done so yet, I encourage you to read the book of Mormon and pray to know if it true. It will bring you closer to God and strengthen your testimony of the Savior.

If you want a physical copy of the book, I'd be happy to send you one. Just leave a message with your email or address. If you want to read it online, below is the link:
click here to read the Book of Mormon online