Thursday, January 31, 2013

Week 1

I have been here 5 days. It has gone by somewhat slowly because everything is so new to me.
I have started feeling at home here since I feel more comfortable with what I am doing and am getting to know the people better.
I really enjoy my little apartment. It is nice because I don't need to do much cleaning. And it is always warm and comfortable. It is so nice to have some free time for a change. Because when I get back from the office I have nothing to do. I just read and relax. I am going to find something to do though because I don't want to have that much free time.

Sister Kae invited us to breakfast at her flat (and I am starting to call them flats not apartments) today. She made pancakes and bacon.

On my visa it says I should go register with the police as soon as I come. But, we tried to book an appointment and they could only fit us in on the 25th of February. Hopefully that won't be a problem, they said it is ok!

I went to the bank and they said you need to make an appointment in order to open a bank account, so we just went for nothing. I will get an appointment for tomorrow.
I feel very blessed to be here. I meet many missionaries who are the only members of their families and who don't speak English. They look so scared, but they will be blessed for their service.
We went to the temple yesterday and there was no one there. It was so sad...We seemed to be the only people there...But, it was nice and peaceful.

The things I do in the office are simple, but there is so much to do. Our office here deals with everything to facilitate what the missionaries in the field do. There is also so much involved in helping the missionaries get everything they need. (Housing, cars, finances, letters, tags, supplies...etc) So, I get to talk to almost everyone of the 177 missionaries we have in the mission). It is funny because most of the times they are shocked as to where I am from and that starts a conversation when they call to the office for something.

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