Sunday, February 3, 2013


We went to a fireside (talk) tonight by Brother and Sister Matthews. It was all about their mission in Nigeria. Quite amazing I must say. I should never complain again. They lived in a hut, with no electricity most of the time and no water (they had to transport it from the river). They had amazing experiences and miracles where Heavenly Father protected them and guided them to help others. I'll share some of the experiences below:
One time they were in the middle of a gun fight where bullets were flying in all directions. Brother Matthews had his wife put her head in his lap and put his own head down and drove fast without looking at the road. He almost hit a bus as he was driving on the wrong side of the road. 5 people died in the taxi that was right behind them, while they were unharmed.
One time they were in the car and it starting raining with large rain drops. Because of the rain they could see nothing ahead. In normal situations, you can just park on the side to wait for the rain to stop, but not in Nigeria. It was not safe to stop because you could get shot or mugged or something. Br. Matthews turned back to the missionary behind him in the car and said: “pray”. The missionary prayed and when they opened their eyes after the prayer they saw a light in front of them that stayed with them and guided them until they made it to their place which was 30 miles away.
One day, the king asked them to come to visit him. You never say no to the king. Whatever he commands you do.  The king lived on a hill away from the village and in a much nicer place. When they got there, he welcomed them then brought them the best thing he could offer. They realized that what he brought to offer them (which was considered a delicacy) was coca cola seeds which were so concentrated in caffeine and against the word of wisdom (against the commandments of God). Br. Mathews said he didn’t want to offend the king and wondered what he should do. He decided to let the Holy Ghost guide him to know what to, he asked the King: “Do you believe in God?” then when the king said he did, Br. Matthews asked "Would rather offend a friend or offend God?” After a long conversation, Br Matthews ended up gaining respect of the king who later allowed them to have a church meeting house right in the middle of town.
Took a picture at the visitor's center today after the fireside with Sister Hess and Sister Kae

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