Saturday, February 2, 2013


I went to the bank today and they refused to open a bank account for me. The person there said she would look into it and get back to me. you are automatically classified as "terrorist" if you are Palestinian unless proven otherwise. Anyway, we'll wait until she gets back to me.

Since today is our P-day (off day), we went shopping again. I even got to look at some clothes and thing are NOT as expensive as everyone told me. I don't know why I thought I can't buy things here and had to take everything! Oh well, too late. We ate at McDonalds, the meal was about 4 pounds. Sadly, I still don't think they can do it as good as the one in the US, but at least it is better than the ones back home. I had McDonalds once back home and thought it was so disgusting.

Sister Kae is going to leave me most of her stuff as she goes home in 10 days. She is leaving me a CD player, blender, freezer, food, cups...etc. So, I have so much stuff now which is great.
I am finally understanding what I need to do in the office. Sister Kae has been so patient with me.
One of my tasks involve answering phones from those interested in the church. Sometimes the calls are from those who want to criticize the church, but today I had two really good calls. One was from someone who said he was a member of the church in the past and wanted to return to church. The other one was from someone who said that he had lessons from the missionaries in the past and he has been reading and thinking and he knows that what the missionaries taught him is true.

On Tuesday we are going to London. They are taking all the missionaries out to eat there. I am really excited about seeing London. We will ride the train up there. I will take lots of pictures and post them.
I have been feeling more at home here although I miss Palestine a lot. I was reading the bible today and they had some pictures from Palestine and I was sad, but still would much rather be here (sorry everyone). Who knew I would get home sick reading the bible!

I still have not taken a lot of pictures, but I will start taking some soon. I promise...
This one is in my current apartment (but it looks like the new one as the furniture is pretty much similar)
This is my back yard (literally) and hopefully the trees will get leaves in the spring.

 Also in front of my apartment (the temple) and I sent a picture earlier. The ducks in this pond are gone for the winter, but should return soon.





  1. So excited to hear you are serving in England. I hope to serve a mission soon with Mark.

  2. Wow what beautiful views from your place!