Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Trip to London

We took a trip to London as there was a lunch organized for all those serving here. We took the train, tube and finally made it. It was actually very convenient and easy (well, with the help of Sister Hess).
We had lunch then went walking around. It was freezing. We picked the wrong day to be out I guess.

On the train up to London. Really nice scenery.

Lunch. Tried British food, but it was not that great I guess. The salad bar was good though.

At the O2. Still don't know why they call it the O2, but it has shops, restaurants, and a big theater.

We were going to ride the cable car across the river Thames, but sadly it was too windy and so they would not let us on. We were so sad. We'll go back when it is warmer.

In the center of town...there are SO many of these red busses. Those with me insisted that I would be sick of the busses at the end, but I don't know if I will.

At the train station

Crossing the River Thames on the train.

Dinner at the Thai Restaurant next to the temple. Really good food, really nice place. Across from me is Marlene who I used to know from Jerusalem.

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