Friday, February 15, 2013

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Hello from England...I am still enjoying my time here and learning new things every day. My geography is getting better, I am learning about new countries every day and new languages (never knew there was a language called Twi--did you?). I still can't speak British English. They would call me on the phone and start speaking and I almost want to say: "Do you speak English?" Even when they spell something for me I still can't get it because their b's sound like v's and stuff like that.

By the way I got to Drive today on the left side of the road...It was crazy, but I am still in one piece. I'll practice more as time goes by...

A few days it snowed, but very little.

Yesterday and today were very nice (see the rainbow).  Here everyone says it is nice weather if it does not rain. They don't care if it is cold or cloudy, but no rain is good.
Just wanted to show you something. This missionary we have working in the office can create master pieces from paper. he does not use glue or anything, he just forms the paper. Below is a rose he folded out of paper and gave to Sister Kae for her farewell. 

Below is a nativity scene he made out of paper. Look at the faces, isn't it amazing?

President Millar treated us to dinner at this Mexican restaurant. It was really good food and very nice setting. Burritos are nothing like we have back home.

And for Sister Kae (since she is leaving they sang for her and brought this big desert. We were so full after we ate that the 10 of us could not finish it.

 President and Sister Millar (my mission president and his wife) are sitting across from me.



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