Thursday, February 21, 2013

Zone Conference

Feb 21, 2013

Today I had to go to the Police station to register. They request this from some of those who are not British citizens.  Luckily it was fast as we had to go our Zone conference. Zone conference is a conference the mission president holds for all missionaries every 2-3 months.  We had various speakers and it was wonderful.

The great thing about it is that you have these missionaries who are so young, like 19 and 20 years old. Normally 19 year old teenagers would be into all sorts of strange things. But these men were amazing. Pres. Millar called on 3 of them to speak and they spoke with such power and testified of Christ. You can tell that they really KNEW Christ, that every day in their lives they tried to be like Him and serve Him. And when it was time to pray those young men and women bowed down so reverently and you could tell how much they loved and respected their Heavenly Father.  They are so focused on the Lord and His service. And when the speaker asked them if they have ever had an experience where God told them what to say to someone almost every one of them raised their hands. They are led by Him and follow His voice.

There is a musical called the 'Book of Mormon' that is about to be played here in England. Our church has nothing to do with that. But, the church is doing its best to contradict the message in the musical and clarify the real teachings of the church. We were told today that the church is going to do some advertising especially in London around the time of the play. There will be church ads in train stations, on busses, in the subway and other places. One particular thing I liked was the ad "Read the book, the book is always better" To try and get people to read the book of Mormon. We are trying to refer people to the site where they can find information about the church and read stories from Mormons across the world. 

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