Sunday, March 3, 2013

3/3/2013 Nice date

I had a good week. It was busy in the office. We have 10 new missionaries coming and numbers are increasing.  We had a new couple come in and we will have another one this week as well.

On Friday I got my mission welcome letter which they sent me from here back in December. Funny, but it went to Jerusalem and back.  The address on it was that of the Jerusalem Center, but had Palestine at the end. I don't know if that is why it came back, but it said something in Hebrew maybe like address unknown or something.  Gladly the return address is my current address now so it came straight to me....

I am loving my new flat.  My fridge was too small and I wanted to have it changed. Then noticed that it was not as cold as it should be. I didn't think anything was wrong with it, and when the guy came to check it, he said I see nothing wrong. But, he said he'll talk to his boss and see if he would let me have a new fridge.  5 minutes later he called me and said he had my new fridge with him and wanted to put it in the apartment!! I was so shocked. I didn't think the other fridge was broken, but I guess they changed it anyway. I love this new one, it is so much bigger.  And after I got it I realized that the other one WAS broken because now I finally drink cold juice and things feel cold for a change.

So, I am settled I invited sister Hess over for lunch. I made chicken and potatoes. It tasted really good and she liked it too. I am cooking, but I don't cook very often. We eat out sometimes and when I cook I have enough for the 3 days.

I never thought I would be sick of McDonalds, but I am. So, yesterday we wanted to go somewhere else for lunch. We drove around (I always drive now since I mostly drive on the correct side now) and found nowhere. Finally went to this place. It was so expensive, but we thought it would be rude to walk out. We ordered soup (which was good) and salad. The salad was like 7 pounds and was made of uncooked pumpkin and uncooked beets. And it was so small even.  So, that is one place we won't go back to. We'll have to explore better for restaurants close to the place we shop at.

Tonight I gave a fireside (like a speech). I showed some pictures from home and talked about the situation there. People don't know anything about what is going on, so they were shocked. I am giving another fireside to the youth in 2 weeks.

Jonathan came with his family. I knew them in Jerusalem. Then when I went to Lebannon they were living there at the time. Now they are living here. It is so funny that I would see them here. His kids are amazing. I asked one of his children if he liked my talk and he said he did.

I want to tell you all how grateful I am to be here. Today after the talk Sister Kearl made a really good desert for us and as I sat with all the people who are here I was surprised at how I felt about them. Because just a few weeks ago I sat in this same setting and felt like a stranger. Now, as I look at them I feel I have known them for ages. I feel they are close friends. They made me feel right at home here. They are all amazing people.

Today this guy stood up at church and told us about an experience he had as a boy. He said when he was a kid he went to the Mormon church close to their house. He said he had an amazing feeling there. When he told his mother about it, she said: "Make sure your dad does not know, he will beat you." The following Sunday, he went again to the church because he felt so good there. He said he kept going and one day as he walked out of the church this peaceful good feeling he had was so strong that he looked up towards the sky and felt he heard the words: "your home is not down there on earth, it is here with me."

I also talked about that peaceful feeling in my talk today. The Holy Ghost can help us find peace and joy and happiness in life. No matter how hard our lives may be, what challenges we face we can find strength and peace that come from having the Holy Ghost with us. Heavenly Father loves all His children and He wants them all to come back to live with Him.

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