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London trip, Friday March 22

We took the day off and went to London so Suleiman can see some sites before he goes back to Jordan. It must be me, but every time I got to London the temperature drops 10 degrees. It was freezing cold, so cold that my chin and nose froze. But, overall it was a good day.
It started out bad because they said a woman and child were killed by the train. So, they closed all the train lines going out of our area. We had someone drive us to the airport and we caught a train from there to London.

We went from Victoria station to Westminster Abbey where we got off and walked. We saw big ben and took pictures by Westminster Abbey. The good thing about being on a mission is that you can get in free to all the churches. So, we could have gone into Westminster Church for free. But, we decided to save it to another time.  I still don't know why they would charge a normal person 18 pounds to enter a church, but I guess they need to make money somehow.

We then decided to ride the London Eye. Which is a large Ferris wheel that goes really slowly but goes high and shows you a view of all of London. We walked across the bridge to get to it, then waited in line for a while to get tickets. Suleiman paid for our tickets. We saw a short 4-D show about it which was fun (and they took our picture--see below).  We then went outside to ride it and the line to the London Eye was so long. I thought I would die from the cold, I have never been so cold. The nice man there saw we were freezing and sent us to the other shorter line and we got on fast. It was really cool to look down and see London.

We were about to go home because by then I was really cold and tired. Suleiman said he did not want to leave before seeing the queen's palace. Sister Hess said it was a 20 minute walk, but I made them take a taxi. The flag on the palace was up meaning the queen was in the palace. We were outside long enough to take some pictures and leave. We walked back and it did not seem so far on the way back.
Below are some pictures I took. Suleiman is in almost all of them because we wanted him to have some pictures to take home. he seemed to really enjoy himself. He is over 80 years old, but seemed to be strong and looked much younger.  Yesterday we were so worried about him getting home because it was snowing really bad and some flight were cancelled. But, after a few prayers the snow stopped and he was able to make his flight. We told them he needed a wheelchair because we thought he would never be able to find his gate alone. so, this way he got taken to his gate...yay.

1. View from the London Eye (each capsule looks like an eye I guess!), but see how high it goes.

2. Buckingham Palace where the queen lives:

3. Big Ben and the London Eye in the back:

4. Westminster Abbey

5. Big Ben and the red bus:

6. After crossing the Thames (walking) and freezing. Don't know why we are smiling because we were frozen!
7. Right before going to the 4-D show. I never buy pictures that they make, but Sister Hess paid for which I am grateful. Suleiman was so happy with the warm Jacket and hat he got from Elder Kearl. I don't know what he would have done without them!

8. Is that a Palestinian flag on that building in the middle of London?? Maybe...

9. View from the top of the London Eye.

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