Saturday, March 16, 2013


We have been having interesting calls from the referral line. This is the number on the back of some pass along cards the church gives. People can call us to order a free copy of the Book or Mormon or a free DVD.  We get all those calls for the mission.  We once got a call from a guy in a mental institution who kept calling and wanting to talk (really I think his doctor may not be giving him enough counseling and that is why he is coming to us, ha ha). He asked for a book of Mormon (he wanted to show it to his doctor) and we mailed one to him but he kept calling…We also had a guy call today and talk and talk.
Today I got an interesting call from a little girl, named Miracle.  

She said: “We just had 2 people stop at our house and my mom was in the shower so they left, we want them to come back. I tried the phone number they gave me but it didn’t work. So, I found this number on the back of one of the cards they gave me, can you call them and tell them to come back?”

Me: “Ok, well I need your address please”.

Miracle: Well, we are close to the train station. If you go down the hill, there is a Mc.Donalds, you turn right and we are right there on the corner.

Me: Well, I don’t live in your area, so you are going to have to give me an address.

Miracle: Oh, where are you from?

Me: I am actually from Bethlehem. Do you know where that is?

Miracle: Oh, that is VERY far away!

Me: What city are you in?

Miracle: Newquay (gladly she knew that, but I could not understand her well. So I asked: Can you spell that?)

Miracle: Na, ooo, qo, (clearly she still does not know the alphabets)

(in the background someone walks in and Miracle yells excited “I am talking to this lady from Bethlehem” and I hear mumbling of disbelief from the background.)

Me: Can you give me your phone number?

Miracle: I don’t know that, but I will give you my friend’s phone number and you can call them and ask about my number and they would give it to you. Hold on, I will get it from my mom’s phone. My mom’s phone is cool, it is a Samsung one. Let me see if I can get it. Here is the number, …., and I will give you another one just in case because sometimes these people don’t answer. Just call them and they will give you our number, you can tell them you know me. And please have those people come back today.

Anyway, I found Newquay (actually she pronounced it as new Key,  I had to search online for the correct spelling) and found the missionaries in her area and gave them the information. We’ll see if the neighbors would be able to give them the phone number or if they can go to find the house. Amazing that a little girl would be so excited to have the missionaries come back that she would go through that much effort to call. She may have felt something when she saw them. I don’t know…I’ll follow up with the missionaries to see what happens to Miracle.


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  2. Miracle sounds like a precocious little girl, and I love reading about this conversation. I bet it made her day to talk with someone from Bethlehem!