Sunday, March 10, 2013

Saturday Trip

We wanted to do something fun this weekend, but it was rainy all day Friday. Saturday was the same if not worse. We thought of a movie, but we went to see a movie last Monday, so we didn't want to do that again. We decided to take a drive to two close-by towns.
One town was where the writer of Winnie the Pooh lived. They have a site there for Winnie the Pooh but to get to most places you would have to walk in the woods. It was a nice area by the river, but the weather was bad and it was muddy. We went to the Pooh shop and left. We'll have to go explore the forest another day. Maybe when there are actually leaves on the trees. People tell me that it does become green around here. Although I am starting to doubt it.  Here is a picture by the forest.

After that we went to the town of Sir Arthur Doyle. He is the writer of Sherlock Holmes. All we did was take a picture by his statue and leave =)

It was a scary drive, but really pretty. The area up there is beautiful, full of trees and fields. But, the roads are so narrow. The two way road barely fit one car and people go so fast on them. And they curve so much so you can't see if anyone is coming from the other side. I am so glad we made it home safely. Ok, so I drove on the right side of the road only once (for 10 seconds), and that was in the middle of town. Luckily sister Hess yelled in time for me to move over before a car came. The guy was so shocked that I was in his lane...Does he not know that his country is the one who is reversed not me! So glad Heavenly Father protects even stupid drivers like me.

Tonight we had a dinner for some missionaries who are leaving. Sister Kearl made Mexican food which was really good.

So, my mom is learning to use the computer and she has facebook now. You have to look her up and add her if you are a family member. This way she will find use to the computer she bought. She 'liked' one of my comments and I thought it was revolutionary...Maybe she can see my blog more often.

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  1. If the roads in England are narrower and curvier than the roads in Palestine, that is really saying a lot! I'm proud of you for driving on the left side of the road!