Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday, March 14

We had snow this week. The roads were really bad because people here are not used to the snow. Most businesses actually closed.


We had some missionaries leaving and some coming this week. It was really busy in the office.
But, we also got to go out with one of the departing missionaries more than once, so that was fun.

At the end of the meal at this Thai restaurant they brought things that looked like little marshmallows. Elder Kearl said they were at least. Then the waiter brought some water and poured it on them and they started growing! I still thought they were marshmallows, but it turns out they were hand towels.
Here is the video below:

I just finished cooking Maqluba and ate. The chicken here is bad and not as fresh as the one we have back home. Maybe I will try the meat and see how that is.
I heard about a man who is from Jordan who is coming here next week to go to the temple. He apparently does not speak much English, so sister Hess and I volunteered to go pick him up at the airport and help him get to the temple. today I found out this man is like 84 years old! Wow. I mean when did he join the church, what got him interested in coming all the way to England so he can go to the temple? I guess I will find out when I meet him next week.  There is a temple worker here who speaks a little Arabic. He is very worried because he said he does not remember much of his Arabic and he is supposed to be hosting this guy. I told him I can be a translator when needed.

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