Monday, April 29, 2013


Thanks to all who wished me a Happy Birthday and made this day special. It was nice to talk to some of you by phone, and am grateful for all who wrote me.
My mom made a cake for me =) thanks Mom, although I can't eat it, I can feel your love across the miles.
For those who have not read my post yesterday, you can read it below. I'll have you know that the Engineers figure out where the Bird came in from and are fixing it so I won't have any more bird visitors. It does get kind of lonely here so I almost kept the bird as a pet, but it may have not like being inside my apartment.

We watched a movie tonight and everyone gathered afterwards and we had a birthday celebration. The apple strudel was especially excellent...All the missionaries sang happy Birthday to me in their native language then I made them do it all together at the end and recorded it. I'm putting the video below in addition to some pictures. We are going to London tomorrow and taking the day off to do something fun for a change. Now that it is somewhat warm we can actually enjoy being outside!!

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Finish, Albanian, Chinese, German

With Sister Cardona & Sister Phermsin:

With the Kearls (who left last week) and Sister Hess in the office. Behind us is the board with all the missionaries in our mission:


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