Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Nephew

My nephew Rani came to visit a friend in England. His friend goes to school in London. I had a chance to see them briefly last Thursday.

The weather of course was freezing as usual, so we did not do much outside. We went out to eat then went to a museum.  It was kind of a nice museum, but my nephew was not impressed with the 200-year old clothes and carpets or statues. So, we decided to leave.

We went to a place that makes crepes and we had desert. It was REALLY good. Even though Rani insisted on plain Nutella on his crepe, we talked him into experimenting and getting a more interesting crepe. I think he was not disappointed.

After the wonderful desert we stopped by one of our Chapels (the Hyde Park Chapel). The missionaries there discovered Rani and Lina were not members of our church and tried to tell them about the church and the book of Mormon. Rani was so glad to leave after that...Rani and his friend had both been to BYU and know a little about the church already.


At the Islamic art part of the museum with Rani:

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