Sunday, April 21, 2013


One thing I learned today is that we are needed wherever we are. Bloom where you are planted is the theme of this post I guess. I was heart broken because President Uchtdorf was in Jerusalem yesterday and I was not able to see him and hear him speak. Today, we heard a talk in church from someone in our ward here who was called to be a seventy. He and his wife said what I needed to hear. President Millar also gave a fireside about how each of our parts no matter how small are essential. We have been really busy in the office. We started making priorities. We have missionaries who have no beds wait while we find apartments for missionaries who have no place to stay. Everything that can go wrong this past week has gone wrong. We had missionaries in the street with no shoes because they locked themselves out, we had car accidents, tires blowing up...etc. Hopefully this week will be calmer.

We went to a musical show on Friday and it was a nice change from the office. On Thursday we went out to eat at the restaurant close by because they were having a 2 for one deal. the meals were so cheap (like 3 pounds or less) so we could not pass out the chance.

I thought I would put up some pictures of signs of Spring. Since I walk by the bushes and trees every day I notice them becoming greener as time goes by. It is nice to see all the brown and leafless trees and bushes become green.

Look, there is green stuff on the tree!!! And see that blue thing behind it, did you know the sky was blue?

We had a farewell for the Kearls who are leaving this week:

these ducks are always on temple grounds. You would think they would fly south for the winter, but no...even in freezing weather they are sitting there in the freezing pond.

We see rainbows a is great!

the primary kids in Bethlehem made these and sent them to me for my Birthday. Aren't they adorable?

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