Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday, April 28th

It has been a long week, but finally things are calming down in the office. I have time to do what I need to do. I will be slightly busy this week because it is the end of the month and there are reports to be turned in, but it will be Ok I think.

On Thursday we drove to Pres. Millar's home and I spoke to the missionaries about the report we are doing on the lost sheep. Sister Millar prepared a great meal for us and it was nice just to get out of the office.

Yesterday we wanted to go up to Wandsworth to help the sister missionaries there as they move into their flat. We found out the flat was not clean and decided we could help them a little with cleaning. The place we rented had a big living room, but even though it said three bedrooms on the contract the rooms were so small you can't really fit anything in them. One room was smaller than my bathroom (literally). I don't know how they will fit beds in there. And the place was SO dirty. I have never seen a place so dirty. It seems like it just was never cleaned (ever). I mean the stove was black. The bathrooms were also black full of mold and dirt. We worked for 2 hours then decided it was a hopeless case. I got the bathrooms to where you could use them and Sister Hess and the girls worked on the kitchen. I am so grateful for the place I stay at. It is so clean and new. I am glad I don't have to deal with all that stuff...

Speaking of my place, today I thought I had a mouse. I got so used to finding mice back home that it seemed normal...except that this 'mouse' was making so much noise that it scared me and I thought it must be a rat. I heard it behind the cupboard. And it was digging inside trying to get out. I left to go to church and came back and hoped it would be gone. But, as soon as I sat I heard the noise stronger than before, of something digging inside my cupboards. 

Then, shortly after that I saw its was not a mouse, but a bird (a craw). It was huge. It stuck its head from under my oven trying to get out. Poor thing it was stuck there all day. I called security and said: "I have a bird in my oven". He thought I was nuts I think.  Anyway, he came and moved the board under the oven and the bird got out flying in the room.  He ran straight to the window. I had to make it go through my window as it does not open farther than a few inches. The craw was so happy flying around outside and was so glad to be free.

I gave a lesson in relief society today. It was so nice to teach again. I really miss teaching in Church. The members of the ward here are so strong and great. I love them.

Tomorrow we'll have a little get-together for my birthday. I may take some pictures and post them, we'll see.

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