Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Church Ads in London

We went to look at the ads the church has put up at various places in London. They were mainly in the Charing Cross train station where the church bought almost all the posters there. It was really cool looking at that. I have included some pictures below.

We went to eat at McDonalds after we walked around and sat next to an older guy. He started talking to Sister Hess and he was so interested in knowing more about what we believe. He said that we made his day because he has seen all these ads about the Mormons and wanted to know about them. He said he had a book of Mormon on his shelf, so we told him to go home and read it =)
Next to him was also a younger man who seemed to be listening in. He said he noticed my ring and badge and said he has some Mormon friends back in New Jersey.  I have not seen positive responses about the church before so this was really a nice change.  Then as we walked down the street a large group of Americans stopped us and shouted "Missionaries!". They were so thrilled to see Mormons too.

Church advertisements in Charing Cross and other areas in London:


At M&M Store

Trafalgar Square



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