Friday, May 10, 2013

George Part 2

If you have not read about George, go to my previous posts and read about him. (and by the way, George is not his real name. I changed it)
Here is a picture of him (and his Jacket---sorry I had to take a picture of the jacket):

During the past month and since I met George he has managed to quit smoking and he made changes in his life. He was baptized on Wednesday, May 8. Sister Hess and I drove for 2 hours to go to his baptism.

The hardest thing for George was to wear white. He said he never wore white in his life. He always dressed in black or dark colors. He was very uncomfortable about the white clothes. I think how we dress shows a bit how we feel. I was like him before I joined the church. I was always depressed and always wore dark colors. After I joined the church and felt happy inside I started wearing light colors. Now, wearing black or dark colors makes me uncomfortable.
Anyway, even though they managed to get him to wear white, still George refused to wear the tie. He took the tie and wrapped it around his long hair! He's funny. Here is a picture of him in white (acting silly of course):

I know that anyone can change. Through the atonement of Jesus Christ, anyone can repent and turn back to Him. After I got to know George I learned not to judge. Because when we see people who look different, we may automatically assume something about them...But, I saw how good George's heart is. He has a true desire to do what is right. One day, he will wear a tie and cut his hair...and one day he'll go to the temple. All things are possible through Christ. Happiness, peace, joy and forgiveness are all possible through Him..





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