Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday, May 26

Things have been wonderful here. The weather has finally improved and we are enjoying some warmth and we have had sunshine two days in a row now! I kept saying that I will go and look at the tulips behind the temple...I finally had time to do that today...but they were dying =( I waited too long! It is still beautiful here though. We were able to take a walk around the pond. One of our ducks disappeared and Sister Hess thinks that she is nesting somewhere. So, she keeps waiting for the duck to show up with it's baby ducks. We'll see...
I took both of those pictures so you can see the difference spring makes on the grounds here.


 I think I am going to start going on walks. It is so pretty these days.
My new companion arrived yesterday. Her name is sister Cates. She seems really nice. She is from Washington State. Sister Hess leaves in 3 weeks or so. We are going to go do some site seeing before she leaves. We will be gone this coming weekend and the one after that. I hope that after this week things will calm down in the office. It has been so busy. We had to furnish many apartments for the missionaries. We had so many apartments that we started getting confused as to which place has what. Hopefully having sister Cates in the office with us will help us get things done. We have a really cool missionary from Germany. He has such amazing faith! We put him to work to help us furnish the flats. He said he felt impressed to go to this little town and when he did, he found someone who sells used furniture and was able to buy everything he needed from him. He was able to furnish 3 flats for only 400 pounds!!  He said he even gave the salesman a copy of the book of Mormon and taught him about the gospel. His famous sentence is "The Lord will provide." He prays, then goes in faith and often finds what He needs.  I wish we had someone like Elder La Mazza in each of the Stakes. We would be able to furnish all our flats this way.

I had two missionaries request Braille books of Mormon. I asked how much they are and the church said they were $3 each. So, I decided to order 3 of them. People told me they were large, but I didn't realize how large. When we got the boxes we were all shocked. They each come in 6 volumes and the box is half my size as you can see in the picture below.  This box contains ONE Braille Book of Mormon.  I am holding one of the volumes in my hands. 1 Nephi and part of 2nd Nephi. I still can't believe the church only sells them for $3 because it must cost them 100 dollars to ship them from the US to England!


I was asked to speak to the youth of the Wandsworth Stake last week. I enjoyed talking to them about the atonement and shared with them my experiences in Palestine. What I said touched someone's heart; someone who had a large load to carry. We were able to visit and talk afterwards. She shared with me some things about her life that she has not talked to anyone about. It was such a special experience to be able to talk to her and show her how the atonement can help her. And explain that our Savior carried our burdens and He can carry hers.

I really love being here, I have learned so much. I miss you all...I miss Palestine and everyone there. But, I know I am where I am supposed to be.

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  1. I enjoy reading your blog. How much time do you have left.