Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday, May 5th

I guess not many read my blog . I don't blame you, it does get kind of boring. There is nothing exciting going on. My family celebrated Easter today so I spent some time talking to them and it was nice. 

We are still busy in the office. There were days when I didn't have much to do and now I wish I could go back to those days. Pres. Millar told all the missionaries to go out and try and find apartments so we can find housing for our 37 missionaries arriving this month. Sister Hess is getting all these calls now and can barely keep up. I support her in whatever way, but I am glad she is the one dealing with it all not me.

Yesterday we decided to go to Hever castle, but of course it started raining. I think we are just cursed or something. We said, well, lets go see a movie. Sadly all the movies these days are really bad. Nothing we would want to watch. So, we ended up watching an animated movie "the Croods". Although violent at the start it was a fun movie and has a good theme. So, this prehistoric family lives in a cave in darkness most of their lives because they are trying to survive. When an earthquake happens and their cave is destroyed they notice that next door is this beautiful forest, water and sunshine. How often do we choose to live in darkness when making a small change in our lives could lead us to the mansion that is next door to us.  They took a leap of faith and moved from the darkness and kept following the light.  They changed from being a rough, barbaric family into a loving family who knew how to express love to each other. Anyway, see I got nothing better to talk about than a silly movie I watched =)

Today at church a man spoke about losing his vision and said he went to a school for the blind. He said that he learned so much from them. He said they never judge anyone like we do based on appearance because they can't see the person in front of you, their skin color, clothing or hair. So, you are more likely to love the person for who they are.  We tend to judge too much on appearance. We can't help it sometimes, but we need to focus on what a person may become. Because that is how Heavenly Father sees us.  If we think of ourselves as a house we see Heavenly Father letting us go through changes so we can be better.  We may see ourselves as a cottage and we see Heavenly Father doing changes to us; fixing a leaky roof, or adjusting things here and there. Sometimes what He is going to shape us may hurt and we may not understand it until we realize that He was never trying to build a cottage, but a palace.


  1. Actually, I find it a bit challenging to "publish" a comment! I love your blog, and enjoyed seeing the amazing Mormon ads, hearing the multi-lingual rendition of"Happy Birthday", and I hope you see the crow "nevermore!" Best wishes and blessings, Chris Armstrong

  2. Sahar, you say nobody reads your blog, but I don't think that's true. I, for one, read it every few weeks. So please, keep writing! I love to see the beautiful photos of England that you post, and also want to say that you look beautiful and very happy on your mission!