Monday, June 3, 2013


No, no, I did not take a bath...Well, I did, but not in Bath. Ok, let me clarify. We took a trip to a city called Bath this weekend. Bath is called by that name because of the old Roman Bath that exists in the center of town. It is a beautiful city by the river Avon (or River River, because Avon is another word for river). The name stuck with it since the Romans' time.

It was a really fun trip. We left Saturday morning and drove to our hotel which was in the middle of nowhere really. It was an old house (350 years old), but SO beautiful. The road that led to it was so narrow that our car was being scratched by the bushes on both sides. When we saw a car coming from the other direction we found no option but to go into the bushes to let the pass.

The hotel (or house) has 3 rooms and we had the whole place to ourselves most of the time. There is nothing around it, just green fields.  We walked around and could hear nothing but birds singing (Emily, I think this is your kind of vacation). It was so wonderful. Below are two pictures from the area around the hotel.

Front of hotel:

Sunset view from my window at the hotel:

Beside the hotel:

So, the hotel was great other than what I mentioned above. We were not able to shower. The water was either boiling hot or freezing cold  (at least I could not get it to work, everyone else showered just fine!). It would not let me adjust. I was going to fill the tub and have a bath because that was the only way for me to get moderate water, but I probably would not feel clean doing that. So, I showered in cold water really fast (I've done that a lot in Palestine).
Sister Hess's son, Travis and his wife Laura are here visiting. They came down with us to Bath and Travis drove all the way. The car we rented was so strange. The guy did not have ANY other cars, the air condition did not work and there was smoke coming out from the brakes and bad smell. He said he had it looked at recently and assured us it was fine. Since we did not have any other option we drove the car. Luckily we made it back, the engine light came on right before we arrived back safely.
We drove to Bath and toured the city. We visited the Roman Baths. The major church there 'Bath Abbey' was so beautiful. There were many other churches around, but then, England has so many pretty churches. We took the sightseeing tour and hopped on and off the bus. Mostly stayed on the bus because we were so tired!
On the way back we wanted to drive to coast to see the ocean. The drive down was ok, but on the way back we got stuck in traffic and were on the road for 5 hours. I think the view of the coast was worth it though.
Below are some pictures.
Bath Abbey Church:

Roof Inside Church:
Inside Church, a pretty painting with Talitha Cumi (my highschool):
Roman Baths:

Entrance to Baths:

Thermal spring/boiling water:

River Avon in Bath:

 Went to a place for Jane Austen (the writer). We were not impressed. So, I thought I would dress up like her just to say I got something out of my tour (cost me 8 pounds!):

Sea Near Brighton (1 hour from where we live):

These white rock formations are called the seven sisters:

Another sea view:

At Brighton:

Stonehenge: (we came down and they were closed. It was cold and we didn't want to pay 8 pounds to see these funny looking rocks, so we took a picture through the fence) Why would someone pay to see this anyway when they can get a shot like that??

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  1. I went to Bath last year on my way back to the States and LOVED it. It is gorgeous. Love that picture of Stonehenge--and for free! :)