Thursday, June 27, 2013

Donny Osmond

I got to take a picture with Donny Osmond while he was at the temple today. He's a famous singer/actor who is a member of our church. 
Below is one of his songs, if you love dogs this is really cute:

Link: Puppy Love Song 

I am not really a big fan, but many are. We had people waiting outside the temple to meet him and everyone lining up to take pictures. Sister King encouraged me to chase him as he walked with his family in the garden and we were able to get a picture. I felt stupid, but it was worth it. His wife and son are in the picture and me and sister King at the ends.

We bought tickets for the Osmond brothers' concert in September. His brothers are here to do a concert and we thought it would be fun to go.

Today was a busy day at the office. Sometimes everything goes wrong all at once and everyone wants your attention. Today was one of those days. Pres. Millar was getting a new car, but instead of them coming to drop it off tomorrow, they came today. It would be ok except that they were supposed to have the old car to pick up in it's place...and of course the old car was not here. So, the guy had me sign the papers and gave me the new car without asking who I was or questioning anything. I thought it was strange.  Anyway, I got to drive the new car around and it was fun. Never drove such a nice car before =)

I am finally comfortable driving on the left side of the road and have not gone on the 'wrong' side for a while now. I may not be able to drive on the 'right' when I get home...but then again, at home, they drive in the middle of the road so it does not matter.

Sister Cates may be gathering courage to drive. So, I may take her for a little drive on Saturday morning (early) when there are not many cars on the roads. 

Things are going great...Trying to stay busy and find ways to serve outside of office hours. People are really sweet here. Especially drivers. I have never had people stop to let me in their lane whenever I need to as I drive. 

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