Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday, June 23

It has been a good week. I kept waiting for them to clean Sister Hess’s flat so I could move in.  It was only next door, so not much change in location. But, she had a much bigger kitchen and more storage space.
The guy at the desk gave me the key as soon as they finished cleaning it. Then he got yelled at for giving me the key that soon. Anyway, I had the Elders help me move and it did not take long. It was a pain to pack things though, but it gave me a chance to go through my stuff and organize it. It is amazing how much you can collect in 5 months! 

Sister Cates moved into my room and she was very grateful to have internet in her place finally. She has been talking to her family all day today. 

Our Mission president's wife has been ill. Today I fasted and prayed for her. We saw her today and she is doing a bit better. She had a speaking assignment on Saturday at a relief society stake conference. Pres. Millar asked me to speak in her place. When we arrived to the conference 10 minutes before the meeting, we thought we were at the wrong chapel because no one was there. Pres. Millar told me not to worry and that they always start half an hour late.  He was right! 

It was so sad because very few sisters came. When I think of a Stake RS conference I imagine hundreds of sisters, but that was not the case. Apparently many wards here have a high level of inactivity. People don't really go to church anymore. It makes me sad...

Our relief society lesson today was about faith and believing. It encouraged me to try to have more faith. We had a mission wide fast today to pray for more success and so that we could serve better and bring others to Christ. We have over 210 missionaries and have very few baptisms. But, when I saw how many inactive people we have in the church here the task seemed impossible. I have to keep in mind that God is in charge and that this is His work and that if we have faith He will perform the miracles for us.

Since I don't have a lot of exciting news to share with you, I thought I would share a funny story with you. The Adams who work in the office with us wanted to have a BBQ. They bought this little BBQ bucket that you can put coal in and light it and have a BBQ. They took it outside and lit it. Shortly after, the fire alarm went off. Everyone gathered outside the building wondering where the fire was, and then here comes sister Adams carrying 'the fire' with her. Everyone teased the Adams about making the alarm go off.  We were laughing so hard. Everyone thought she lit it inside, but it was outside.  She was trying to blow it out using her skirt so the fire alarm would stop. Then Elder Adams came and dumped water on it and killed the fire.  We later found out there was another fire (at the SAME time--coincidence!!) that made the alarm go off. Someone left food on the stove and it burned.

Here's sister Adams trying to put out the fire...

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