Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday, June 30, 2013

I don't have much to share with you since the last post (you can read that one below if you have not done that yet).  It has been a busy week. Our internet was down on Friday so we decided to go shopping instead of sitting in the office and doing nothing. I did not find anything to buy. The weather has been nice, but still cold and often rainy. Sadly, all these British people think this is summer! So, all the clothes are short sleeves. I could not find anything to buy.  Even shoes in the stores, only sandals displayed now.  How do you wear sandals in the rain anyway? Not that I want to find out... I am always cold of course and can't wear summer clothes in this weather. My companion is always hot, and I am always cold. She wants to turn the air condition on in the office when I am wearing two layers and freezing. I'm strange what can I say. Gladly my apartment is warm always and my companion is considerate of my needs.

Sister Adams invited us to lunch today and we went to a picnic table behind the temple and had a picnic. It was actually the first nice day I have seen in a while. It is nice to see the sun shining once in a while.

I am used to being so busy on Sundays and here Sunday is a day where I have nothing to do. I just watched a movie about President Monson.  One story he shared was how he was prompted by the Holy Ghost to leave a meeting and go to visit a little girl who had cancer and was dying. Her parents prayed and fasted and wanted Elder Monson to visit them and give the girl a blessing. You remember the story he told at General Conference, I am sure.  He said, at the conference he was at, he heard the words: "Suffer the little children to come unto me..." and he knew what he had to do. What I have not noticed before is that the little girl ended up dying shortly after, as her condition was very bad.  I realized today that Pres. Monson's visit meant something to the little girl and to her family and that is why the Lord wanted him to go. Heavenly Father cares for each of us individually and knows our needs and desires.  Those in the meeting probably wondered what could be so important that Pres. Monson would leave conducting and speaking at a meeting of hundreds of people for? It was to seek after the 'one'. One little girl.  This is what the Savior does. He leaves the 99 to seek after the 'one'. Jesus Christ loves us all and does all He can so that we can come home.

What else is going on...Well, I finally found Hummus in a store and I bought some Greek olives which were similar to ours and enjoyed eating those. I normally don't like humus very much, but I have missed it! Ok, when I start talking about food you know I have nothing else to say. So, just want to say I miss you all. I am doing well and enjoying serving here.

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  1. I can relate! I am always about 10 degrees colder than Josh and am getting used to wearing sweaters and socks around the house. I hope all is well for you!

    Wendy and family