Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 30, 2013

I had a busy weekend so I did not post anything this weekend. 
We had a few cars in the mission switched this week and so I have been busy with that. They finally picked up the third car today. Hopefully I'll get it all sorted out soon so I won't have to worry about it when moves week is close.

On Sunday I gave a talk for the YSA of the Portsmouth Stake. We drove down there early in the morning and attended church with Elder and Sister Gehring. They live close to the sea and it was so strange to see that some boats were sitting on the mud and there was no water. Elder Gehring said that when the tide comes the place will be full of water, and it was. 

Sister Gehring cooked a great meal for us (Salmon, Rana I wish you were here you would have loved it). We then drove to the chapel where the fireside was. There were about 50 people there, so it was a good turn out even though many were away for the summer. 
I encouraged everyone to be more obedient to God's commandments this week and felt some of them were going to try harder.  I hope I made a difference.

We visited some apartments for some of our missionaries and were impressed about how clean they were. But, then we gave them notice so they probably cleaned because we were coming.
We got home really late and the  next day we got up and went to Chichester again. The Temple missionaries planned a trip and sister Cates and I signed up to go. Even though the weather was not very encouraging, we went. Yesterday it poured so much. I have never seen so much rain, especially in England. It was sunny then all of a sudden it started pouring, then 30 minutes later it was sunny again!

So, on Monday we went to an old Roman castle. What was left from it was the Mosaics. But, they were really pretty...amazing that they could stay looking good all this time.  We then went to Chichester Cathedral. Really marvelous church. 

We then walked around the shopping area. Fun place, but SO expensive. We had lunch and desert there. We then stopped by the beach before heading back. It was so windy and cold at the beach, but it was nice to see the sea (and high waves).

Below are some pictures from the trip...
Gardens by Chichester Cathedral:

Inside the Cathedral:

Don't remember if I sent this picture or not:

Some of the Mosaics in Roman Palace:

Gardens at the Roman palace, made to look like their original form:

The Sea:

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