Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tuesday, July 16

I did not write yesterday, I apologize. It was a very busy day (how many times do I say that?). 
It seems like during our busiest week our office has been infected with the technology bug. EVERYTHING stopped working. Our internet was down, then our outlook, then our printer, then our franking machine (to send letters), then our phones.

Yesterday, I kept trying to turn in my key indicator report on IMSO and it would not work. At first we thought it was the internet, then the computer, then the user....I finally went home and did it using my laptop and my internet and it worked fine. Apparently there is something wrong with the internet at the office. It may be causing all these issues actually.  No one knows how to fix it! Luckily someone is coming down to try again to fix it tomorrow. 

I found a way around the franking machine (which we use to stamp/frank) letters. It would not work because of the internet connection. I finally got it to connect through a phone and carried it over to the accommodations office and connected it there and downloaded the credit on it so we can use it. it would be a pain to have to go to the post office every time you want to mail something. So, at least now we can frank letters until the problem is resolved (if it is resolved). 

As part of that they kept saying that the internet we have in our rooms is causing the problem, so we disconnected it and went and got private internet connections. I got mobile internet which is a device that gets me internet wherever I go. So, it was 15 pounds a month which is really cheap compared to what I pay back home.

The power of the internet is amazing. The other day a lady who manages Christian blogs read the book of Mormon and posted something about it on her blog. With a simple act she sent info about the book of Mormon to over 30,000 users. This is the age when missionary work will spread using this amazing technology.

On Saturday we went shopping and went to the mall. I bought a few things since I am already tired of my clothes. Today I bought a skirt and a shirt. We went to dinner at a church member's house tonight. they had a beautiful home with a large garden. It was so nice just to sit outside and enjoy the nature. She said birds and dear are always eating what she plants in her garden. And they once had baby foxes come to the back yard and jump on the trampoline =)

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