Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday, July 21

It is finally the end of a really busy transfer period.  It takes us 10 days or so to catch up with the work after the actual transfer. It is sad to say goodbye to some of the missionaries even though I only have known them for a short while.
They finally fixed our internet in the office. We still did not get to replace our printer and  hope that will happen, although it does not look promising. It was stressing me too much to think about it so I decided to just let it go and use the Inkjet printer and make that work.
We went to Witney on Friday to look at one of the flats we have rented for missionaries. The missionary that was there before made it sound so horrible, so we had the landlord/agency come and look at it and try and fix things. It was actually not as bad as I thought. Of course the missionary who was there was from Germany so he was used to everything being perfect and wonderful.  There are now two new missionaries in the flat. One of them is from India and he thinks he is in heaven. He says: "this flat is great. It is better than anything I have ever seen in India." It is funny how different people can see the same apartment so differently.
We ended up being stuck in traffic for hours, but it was nice to get out of the office I guess.
We had a new couple come into the mission and we drove them to Orpington.  We stopped to get something to eat on the way. We found a Doner (shawerma) place and ate there. The guys working there were Turkish so I got to practice my Turkish a little bit. The Doner was not that great though.
I am giving a fireside next Sunday for the Youth in one of our stakes. And the people here in the accommodation center wanted to hear more about Palestine as well. So, we are having a picnic on Saturday for them and I will tell them more about Palestine. I guess since they call it Palestinian picnic I have to bring some Palestinian food, huh? Well, I will see what I can bring.
Things are so easy and perfect here. I feel so blessed. There are so many who are struggling all over the world. Someone in church today told us about how bad things were in Zimbabwe and how poor people are. As bad as things are in Palestine, they are not even close to being that bad. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with our cares that we don't notice others.

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