Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday, July 7

We have seen the sun every day for the last 5 days!! People here are wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts, they really think it is summer. I guess this is as hot as it gets here. I am happy though, don't want it to get much hotter. It is perfect just like this.
We have amazing members at church. Today was fast and testimony meeting which means everyone at church has the chance to get up and say something if they choose. We heard amazing stories about faith and dedication from members. They are so strong and have such amazing faith and love of the Savior. A little boy maybe 7 years old got up and said that he read the book of Mormon with his grandmother and others and felt the Holy Ghost and so he did not want to stop reading and really enjoyed it. He bore testimony that Christ lives and that he was glad we had the gospel in our lives.  It is amazing how little children can recognize the truth and know about the Savior.
Two of our missionaries are leaving. Elder Gong who has been working in the mission office with us, and Sister Maughan who has been working in the visitors' center. We are going to have a farewell for them today. We made a book for Elder Gong and sister Adams did such a good job on that.
The office missionaries finally talked me into trying Fish and Chips. I don't really like fish, but I thought since I am in England I have to try it as it is the famous traditional dish here.  We went to a traditional place that makes it and bought some then sat outside and ate it. It was really good actually. The only fish I ever liked! Will have to eat this more often.
We have transfers this week. It will be so busy in the office. We have 12 missionaries leaving and 30 coming. I will have to write 30 letters to each of the families of those missionaries and include a picture as well. Last time I could not tell who was who from the 30 pictures I had. Sister Hess helped me figure it out. None of the parents complained saying I sent them a picture of the wrong missionary, so I guess it worked out.
I don't have pictures of me to share with you...Maybe I'll take some tonight...
I miss you all. I miss my family, my beautiful country...I miss the relief society sisters and the primary kids in Bethlehem. But, I am doing really well and really happy here. I feel so blessed to be here. Heavenly Father cares about each of us and is watching over us. I know that this is His church and that He leads and guides it. I am grateful for the knowledge I have. Today one of our converts (9 years old) stood up and thanked one of the missionaries for teaching her about Jesus Christ. I worked on the baptism record for this girl, and it is nice to see who the person is.  These are real people and lives are being changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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  1. Hi Sahar,

    I recently met someone who you had a positive influence on and wanted to thank you. I moved to Mountain View, California with my wife and was looking an apartment. A woman named Elim (not sure her last name) gave me a tour of the apartment she was leasing and as we talked, I told her that I was LDS (moving from Salt Lake City). She told a long story about how she was visiting Jerusalem and you offered her a ride somewhere. She offered to pay, but you did it for free. She has always remembered that and I thought you should know!