Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 25, 2013

We had transfers week last week. It was busy, but easier than normal. We had 27 missionaries arrive. In October is our next big transfer day then we hardly have anyone arriving in November. We still may get people, but we most likely won't have so many anymore. This transfers, Sister Cates and I decided to go to the Staines Chapel to greet the new missionaries. We normally are so busy in the office and can't get away to do that, but we thought we had to do it once just to see what 'moves' day is like.  The missionaries arrived in a big bus from the MTC and we welcomed them in. There were suitcases everywhere! It is nice to get to meet some of the missionaries that we always talk to by phone. It was especially nice to see Pres. Millar assign them to new companions. That was an awesome experience. It was a sad transfers day though since some of the missionaries I got to know and love went home. 

One of our missionaries who was supposed to go home was turned back from the airport.  It was nice to have her in the office helping us out for a few days until we could get her another flight to go home to Samoa. She told us how much her mission influenced her family. She said her sister is getting baptized while she was not even interested in the church before. Her family is so much stronger now. Another sister from the Czech republic also stayed a while longer. She said she spoke no English at all when she traveled to the USA. She was so scared and prayed for help. She said Heavenly Father helped her find people along the way who helped her. Now, only a year and a half later, her English is amazing. It was funny when the Missionary from Samoa called her family to tell them about her flight delay. She could not speak her language and spoke to them in English, even with a British accent.  Don't think I'll ever speak British =) I still have a hard time understanding when people speak fast, but it is getting better.

We have been eating out a lot lately. On Friday, Elder and sister Adams treated us to dinner. Yesterday I took two of my friends out to eat since they are leaving next week.  I had Salmon nicoise salad which was interesting, but good. 

I am not feeling that good today. I may be getting the flu or something, but it is not that bad and hopefully I will be better tomorrow. I just stayed home and rested all afternoon today.
I am trying to eat more healthy food. Today I had spinach. Ok, it is not close to being as good as Mom's, but it was really good.  

Winter seems to be back already! It has been rainy and cold. I am hoping the weather will be nice in 2 weeks when we go to London to visit Buckingham Palace. It does not look promising though. Seems like they have 9 months of winter here and then one month for the other 3 seasons =) Really grateful for a warm home during the rainy cold weather.

The temple is closing for 2 months. It will be rather quiet around the temple grounds here. I will miss going to the temple and feeling the sweet peaceful spirit in the Lord's house. This has been the greatest blessing for me while be close to a temple and to be able to go often.

PS. It is amazing that Heavenly Father answers our prayers even when we don't have the courage to ask for what we want. I am grateful for His love for me. I know He is aware of each of us and knows each of us and what we are going through.
I miss you all.

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