Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday, Aug 4

It has been a nice weekend. Yesterday I did not do anything. It was nice just to stay home. I cleaned and cooked and relaxed. In the evening we watched an amazing movie about Nelson Mandela called Invictus. Really amazing movie if any of you have not seen it.
Today a friend of mine came to see me. She was in London for a couple of days and took a train to East Grinstead and came to church with me. I invited her and her boyfriend to lunch after church.  I cooked Maqlooba, vegetable stew and had hummus and salad.  I am sure enjoying my mint plant. Last week I saw that for the same price I could buy dead cut mint or live mint in a pot. So, I bought the live mint and it has been very useful. Salad with mint just tastes wonderful. Especially with maqlooba and hummus.  I also just had mint tea...
My friend works in Germany and said she may come to visit again so she can go to the temple with me.  We walked around the large beautiful temple grounds here. It surely is an amazing blessing to live here in this beautiful area.  
My companion is feeling very sick.  I took her home during church. I hope she will feel better tomorrow.
We listened to talks from President and Sister Lock tonight. President Lock is in the temple presidency. They both shared with us how they came to join the church.  They told us about the good feeling they had as they first learned about the church and that they knew in their hearts it was true and they should get baptized.  Sister Lock said she read the entire book of Mormon on her mission and was on the street when she finished it. She prayed right there and felt an amazing feeling confirming that it was true.

Today I was looking on and happened to look for Palestinian Mormons. I sometimes feel alone thinking I am one of the few Palestinian Mormons. I was able to find some (not many), but it still meant a lot to me to know that there are others out there who believe what I believe and have a strong testimony of the restored gospel. Two of those I found on the site were actually serving missions as well!
I was translating a patriarchal blessing for a sister from Jordan. I found out she is from Haifa originally. (Another Palestinian Mormon--YAY) And her mother's last name is the same as my grandmother's. Wouldn't it be strange if we were related?

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