Sunday, September 22, 2013

Faith, Sept 22

I am going to try and put a lot of pictures here and hope they don't take forever to download. Yesterday, Sister Cates and I went to London (yes again). There are so many things to do there and I still have not seen half of them. I wanted to go to Westminster Abbey while the weather was still good. The architecture of the building was amazing. The ceiling is carved of stone and has amazing statues. It was built so long ago and still looks magnificent. Below is a picture of the outside (can't take pictures inside!).

They bury important people in churches here. So, for example Isaac Newton, to whom we owe our knowledge of gravity and laws of motion, is buried there. A picture of his grave is below:

The grave is in the center of the church, strange, right?
We took a cruise down the Thames (hop-on hop-off boat!). Our tour guide was really amazing and funny. At the end he said: "If you liked the tour, my name is Captain Jim, if you did not like the tour my name is Larry". Below is our boat:

The river seems wide to me, but then the only river I have ever seen back home is the Jordan river and that is more like a creek.

This is a view of the castle Sister Hess and I visited. I took this while our boat was in the middle of the River:

The needle below came from Egypt and was transported here. It was given as a gift to England. It is 3000 years old!

More about things here (sorry this is a long post)...We had two missionaries from Tahiti stranded at the airport. We had to go get them and they spent the night here and we took them to the airport for their flight. They almost did not let them on the plane (again!), but we finally sent the off. I hope they get back home safely.

Last week, I found out that even though I may be tempted to leave things out of the fridge, I shouldn't. I had no room in my fridge for some tomatoes, so I decided to leave them out for a couple of days. When I saw what happened to one of the tomatoes I was shocked. Has anyone seen anything like this? Can you tell me why this never happens back home? It looks like it has been invaded by the rot snake:

Speaking of growing things...lets talk about something more fun...
I finally gave my Fireside/talk about faith.  I read so many scriptures about faith and so many talks. I did not get to use a lot of the things, but I learned so much about faith.

Christ says: “If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.” (Matthew 17: 20)
I learned about the real power of faith and that, indeed, if we have a small amount of faith we CAN move mountains. The key is to realize we can do NOTHING, but Christ can do everything. And if we trust Him we can begin to tap into that power and do things beyond our abilities.

As I thought about the mustard seed and why Christ would use the mustard seed as an example, I realized that Palestine is full of mustard plants. They are yellow and grow all over the place in the spring. Just for fun, I even bought mustard seeds and planted them…they grew!

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  1. Wow for the mustard seeds!!!!!! And in just four days! Amazing.
    I enjoyed your post, and glad your mission is going so well.
    Thinking of you,

  2. I loved this post. I loved the pictures of London and I love your comments. Especially about faith. That seed grew so fast! My favorite comment you made was about the "rot snake." You are so funny. I so miss the lovely tomatoes (and cucumbers) back East (the Middle East :o) You will have that to look forward to after your mission :o)