Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 15, 2013

It has been another great week. We have amazing missionaries here and it is great to associate with them. They teach me so much about dedication and faith. 

I still feel inadequate to speak next week about faith. I still feel I am speaking of a topic that has been addressed so many times and feel all quotes, scriptures and references have been exhausted about it. But, I am grateful for the chance to prepare and read about it. I have discovered things that I did not understand before.  I came across an article in the ensign of March 2002 which changed all my understanding about how to increase our faith. I also found faith to be linked to grace, as Christ enables us (through faith) to do things that we can't do by ourselves.

Yesterday we went with all the senior missionary couples to Buckingham Palace. During the months of August and September the queen goes and stays somewhere else and they open up her palace for visitors. We only got to see part of the palace, but it was pretty amazing.  Really beautiful ceilings, walls and furniture. It is strange to see how much the people love the queen even though she was not elected by the people. 

We are not allowed to take pictures in the Palace, for security reasons of course. We had to go through metal detectors. Palestinians like me who are so used to checkpoints would go through fast while tourists keep setting it off so it took forever for us to get through.

Here is a picture of some of the senior missionaries in our mission. Don't know what sister Cates is taking a picture of!

Outside the Palace. Nice statue:

The gardens outside the Palace:

The Italian Restaurant we ate at was across from Westminster Cathedral: 

After we ate, we went to see the Cathedral and could not go inside because they were having some sort of ceremony outside. They were carrying the statue of Mary and walking around. 

All of a sudden, we heard really loud explosive sounds. We all jumped and thought it was some sort of terrorist attack!! 
It was not, it was merely fireworks. Fireworks was the last thing we expected in the middle of this spiritual ceremony they were having! I'll try and upload a video below of the fireworks. Actually some of them were so loud that we had to cover our ears. And they were so close to the people as well.

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