Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday, Oct 28

I have been here exactly 9 months today. It has been an amazing experience so far. I have met some amazing people. I still wonder how there could be so many great people in one place.  

On Saturday we had a farewell dinner for the old Temple presidency. President Lowry and his counselors have been amazing, we will surely miss them. I am looking forward to getting to know the new temple president, President Johnson and his counselors. The temple staff hosted a dinner for everyone (about 100 people) in the crawley chapel. They had the place decorated with fall colors it was beautiful. We had such a nice meal, & lots of good food. Then they had a program where they did some singing, acting and comedy. It was really fun. 

On Saturday I also got to teach my first lesson in Arabic. The sisters from Brighton had an investigator who was from Libya. I translated for them and taught him part of a lesson about the book of Mormon. I felt the Holy Ghost as I bore testimony to him about the book of Mormon. He said he would read it and pray.  I look forward to meeting again with the sisters to teach another lesson!  There is nothing better than teaching others the gospel. The spirit that is felt during the lessons is amazing. I really hope I will get to do that more often.

Yesterday we had a devotional from the whole temple presidency/new and old. It was a nice meeting and the Choir was outstanding. 

We have had a storm here in southern England which started last night and continued a little bit today. We had winds of about 80 miles/hour.  At 3 am the power went out. They said the main power supply was affected (probably the wind blew a pole or something). There was a tree that fell and blocked our street and other streets were flooded with 3 feet of water. So, this morning we didn't know what to do in the office, because if there is no power there are no computers and phones. Using my cell phone, I did some of my calls to track down some of the baptism records for the 14 baptisms we had this week! This month we had 36 baptisms and it is the highest ever in this mission.  We were glad that the power came back around noon and we were able to get some work done today. 

We had dinner with the Damrons who are leaving tomorrow. I made Arabic salad and brought it to the dinner. Elder Adams said it tasted almost like his grandmother's salad that she used to make from fresh vegetables in her garden. =) 

My mom is not doing well. She is back to taking her Hepatitis C medication which makes her weak, sick, and she stops eating well. She has already lost almost two pounds since she started taking the medication last week she says. I hope you all can keep her in your prayers.

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