Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday, October 6

We have been watching general conference today and yesterday. It was simply amazing. I was going to include a quote, but I don't want to miss-quote anyone. So, I'll wait until the printed talks come out.
My favorite session was Saturday afternoon:,AAABFr5dynE~,TSPthyn9f7xMqirJ6oOEOfqkHIylQ487&bctid=2722055718001

And as always, Elder Holland's talk was superb.  He shared a story about the Nielsons who were in a plane crash and survived but suffered severe burns. He tells how they still find joy and happiness in life despite what happened. The parents of the husband of that family are coming to our mission in 2 months. Can't wait to meet them. Below is a link to a short video about the Nielsons. Watch it, it is inspiring:

As for things with me here, it is going well. We survived yet another moves week. The last big transfer we have for a while. We had 27 missionaries arrive. We now have over 256 missionaries (almost double of what we had in January when I arrived). The membership of our church is over 15 million and will probably increase more because of all the missionaries now in the field. These are really the last days when the Lord is hastening His work and when we should be calling everyone to come unto Christ.

One of our couples, Elder and Sister Terry, are leaving tomorrow. We are sad to see them go. We had a pot-luck dinner tonight and had so much food that we decided to have another dinner tomorrow with all the left-overs. The sister missionaries wrote a cute song and sang for the Terrys.

We have been trying to find good restaurants. We have tried almost every little restaurant in the neighborhood.  The other day, sister Cates and I were coming home from Uckfield after visiting one of the missionary flats. We could not find a place to eat and finally stopped at this place called Anne's. Seemed good, so we went in. They were out of everything, literally almost everything on the menu was sold out (don't know how a restaurant can be sold out of food, but oh well). They only had sandwiches, so we decided to get a sandwich each. I got a cheese sandwich, and sister Cates got a Tuna sandwich....Half an hour later (really), the guy brings our food. Mine was two pieces of bread with a slice of cheese between them and some chips. Really? No tomato, lettuce or anything! And it took half an hour to make? Sister Cates was similar except, lucky for her, the tuna had mayo on it!!

The other day we were on our way to eat going to this place called the Plough. We got lost and finally found a place called the Fox and the hound. [at least it didn't have pigs in the name like the other place we went to last week] We decided that going there was better than trying to find the other place. And we were really impressed. It was the best restaurant I have been in since I came. It was cool because it is such an old place, and the setting was so nice..Reminds me of Sitto's (grandmother's) place.
I had shrimp and cod and it was soooo good. Finally found a place we could go back to! yay... Below is a picture of the restaurant (it is so small and cute):

The weather was beautiful today and sunny. I think this week will be nice it seems. Fall started here and I am trying to take some pictures of the beautiful fall colors. I will share them next month...
I love and miss you all.

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