Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday, Oct 1

How boring it is to check my blog and find the same posts over and over. I am so sorry. I guess my audience just has to find a more interesting channel to join. 
I keep meaning to write then forget...
This is transfers week as you may have guessed and it gets pretty busy for us here.  We will have 27 missionaries coming tomorrow. We have 9 leaving. Sister Cates finally managed to get all the apartments needed. On Friday we remembered that we forgot to furnish one of the apartments. Should be fun for missionaries to walk into an empty place.  We ordered stuff to be delivered and now hopefully they should have at least some stuff to get by until the rest of it comes.
We went down to Polegate (one of our new areas) to help set up the apartment for the missionaries. We wanted to do it just to see what the apartment looked like and help the office Elders get things set up. We ended up not doing much because the landlord was going to change the carpet and paint the place so we left everything in one room. It was a really nice apartment that we got there. 
After that we drove down to the ocean and walked on the beach. They mostly have rocks on the beach here, not sand. So, we were able to find some interesting shells and rocks as we walked. We got crepes and they were really good, but they were so big. And the lady folded them so many times then stuck them in a cup. How in the world are you supposed to eat them?? I ended up throwing half of mine away because it got so frustrating trying to eat it. Very messy! Anyway, below are some pictures from the beach. I love the ocean and waves...

Today we went out to eat at a Chinese restaurant. This was their appetizer (after we ate the chicken wings). It had two birds carved out of a carrot. Still don't know what the green stuff was, but it was good and sweet!

I think I may actually be able to finish all that I need to do tomorrow. Yay! Sister Adams has been feeding us lunch and dinner so I did not have to cook. (and when she does not feed us we go out to eat)
I am going to stop here. It has been a long day. So, be glad I wrote, even if it short. I miss you all.


  1. Ha ha, short, but so much better than what I'd journal.

  2. These posts are amazing! I stumbled on this after finding the link on Facebook. Thank you for the great messages.

  3. I love the pictures of the beach! So beautiful. I would have liked a picture of that awesome crepe you mentioned, too ;o) Thanks for sharing.