Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday, Oct 23

For those of you following my blog, I am sorry for again forgetting to post something on Sunday. I meant to, but forgot.

Things are going well. The weather is cooling off and it is now like winter at home and it really reminds me of home and makes me miss home more. However, you don't get these beautiful fall colors at home. The leaves are starting to fall and there are so many colors all over the place. I'll include some pictures at the end.

We had Zone Conference last week for 3 Zones. It was nice to be with all the missionaries again. We don't do much to plan and organize Zone conferences, Elder and Sister Adams and the office Elders do all the work. The Stakes volunteer to feed the missionaries and the food is usually amazing. 

This last Saturday we had an activity for all the senior missionaries. They call came here to the Temple grounds and we had lunch together and president Millar spoke to us. I was supposed to bring grapes and I ended up with lots of grapes left over. Luckily, the temple missionaries had a pot luck dinner at 5 the same day. I took the left-over grapes and a salad and went. It was really good and lots of great food. I was still full from lunch though.

After dinner we watched a movie "Ephraim's Rescue". A really amazing true story about someone who has a gift of healing and has great faith. He heals many and performs miracles among the pioneers.  When I hear about people like that I feel my faith is invisible compared to their faith. The pioneers endured so much yet they had great faith and strength. In the movie there is a story about a man who was a tap dancer and when he crossed the plains he lost his shoes and had to walk bare-footed in the snow. His feet were so black and red, they were going to amputate them.  However, through the power of the priesthood and faith, he was healed instantly and got up and danced for everyone.

On Monday we were trying to copy and print so many things and our equipment again was not cooperating. We have now named all our printers/copiers. Bessy, Flinston, and Homer. They all have issues so we wanted to give them names so we can complain about them.  I spent all day Monday yelling at my printer (Homer) because it kept printing 20 copies of everything. I didn't think that was possible...different files, different programs it would still print 20! (see, my mission has finally drove me crazy and I am talking to my printer)   

Tonight we had to finish some folders for the flats. So, we decided to run to get something to eat then return and finish. We had the Sat Nav/GPS find us a close Subway and went there. It took us to this little town (close to us) that we have never been to. We got to Subway and it looked like they were closed/closing. But, we were able to buy sandwiches. The guy there started reading my badge and we gave him a pass-along card and told him to go to and read about our church.  This is the first time I have gathered the courage to actually give someone a card.

Below are some pictures I took for fall (same place different times) over a period of 3 weeks. Emily, these are for you as I know how much you love fall. It is not the same as the real thing though, sorry.  
Also below is a group picture of all the senior couples that came to the activity on Saturday.

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