Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday, Nov 18

This will be short. I just wanted to write something this week. I don't have much to report. We had transfers last week and so it was the normal busy time. However, this time we had only 5 missionaries arrive and 5 leave. So, it seems like things have calmed down.
Christmas is approaching and we will have a lot to do during the holidays. We have zone conferences the end of this week. And during December all the missionaries come to the temple and we will have dinner for them. I am glad Sister Adams is doing all the cooking because I would be so stressed out about it if I had to do it. Hopefully we can get everyone over here and back home in one day. They may be on the train all day, but we hope it will be worth it. 
We are already buried in packages in the mission office and it is not even December yet.  Today Elder Adams picked up the mail and brought it one package. I told him that we can't possibly get only ONE. We got two calls later in the day and received 6 more packages. Now that's normal!! We will be delivering all the packages around Christmas time to all the missionaries. They should get all the ones we have now next week during zone conference. So, we can start piling up the Christmas ones at the begining of December. 
Today we started to organize the office, this way at least we will have room to move around during the holidays. We have so much stuff that we didn't know existed.  We may buy a small Christmas tree (we don't have room for a big one) and put it up in the office.

We are going to a play tomorrow in London (it is called Wicked). We will eat at the yummy crepe restaurant in London.

We had two car accidents (not me, other missionaries). One of them was in one of our new vehicles. It was nice and new for 2 months or so! Then now it looks horrible. Luckily no one was hurt and it was the other guy's fault, so it is ok. I am trying hard to get the insurance company to get them fixed fast, but they are so slow in getting things done. Hopefully we can get everything done before Christmas. 
We are getting two more new cars to replace the others tomorrow. Today I took one of the old cars to get it washed.  They charge so much here. I have it done at home for 15 NIS (2.5 pounds) inside and out.  And he charged me 20 pounds today because 'the car was very dirty'. Duh, if it was clean, why would I bring it?

Nothing has changed as far as my return home date. It is still the 28th of January. I will have to start looking at tickets during the first part of December.  My mom wants me to come home fast. She wants me home for Christmas. I wish it was so easy. I am actually not looking forward to going home. It is so wonderful here, I wish I could stay forever. But, I know my mom and family need me.

I have been here 10 months and don't feel I have grown or changed or improved. I have two months to work on that. I am trying to be better. I have not been as kind as I should be and I have a lot to work on. 

I miss you all and hope you are all doing well.

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  1. The simplest way to explain why you don't sense improvement in yourself is because you were pretty wonderful and Christlike to start with! I predict you'll sense changes in yourself when you return home and all the old familiar places and people will seem new and different somehow. I hope you'll keep blogging!