Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November 5th Happy Guy Fawkes Day!!

The week passed by so quickly that I didn't even write on Sunday.
Things have calmed down here and we can actually get things done in the office. We are getting some new cars to replace old ones next week and we will actually get to keep one of the new cars for the mission office. When I say 'old' cars I am talking about cars that are more than 3 years old. We don't keep cars much longer than 3 years here. So, we get to drive good cars, even though I have had to do so many repairs on cars.

Some people here still drive their really OLD cars. And occasionally you would see someone holding up traffic because their old car won't go fast. (see below pictures)

On Saturday we went to see a movie. It was a 3D movie which was kind of fun. I hated the ending, but overall it was good.
We had dinner at our favorite restaurant the other day. They had the place decorated for Halloween. They had the whole place covered in spider webs and bats and other stuff on the walls. They had all the waiters dressed up. It was cool.  In that restaurant there is a really nice waiter who is always so friendly to us. So, on Saturday I decided to give him a thank you card and a book of Mormon. We left it for him as he was not at work that day. Hopefully he would not think it is too strange. 

On Sunday we decided to go to a different ward for church. We went to a church down in Worthing. It was about an hour drive, but it was nice to meet other people and say hello to the missionaries serving there. We drove by the sea on the way back. Of course it was so windy, but those para-sailing were loving the wind.

Today is the Guy Fawkes holiday in England. Never heard of it!! but it is like the 4th of July. This person 'Guy Fawkes' was going to blow up the parliament in 1605 and got caught and burned. So, each November 5th they light a big bonfire and have fireworks. Basically to celebrate that Guy was not successful at his attempt.  They even have a scarecrow that looks like Guy Fawkes and burn that at the fire. 

People in our Ward invited us over to their house to celebrate. They have a big house and a large yard (or should I say forest). They had a large pile of branches and wood with so much gasoline on it, we thought that it would completely burn up and burn all the trees right next to it as soon as someone threw a match at it. Nope, not in England! They spent half an hour with a torch trying to get the fire to go, but it would not. It is too wet and damp! 
But, we had fun watching the fireworks and enjoyed the soup and treats prepared by sister Bridgstock.

The big pile of branches and wood they were going to burn (in the middle of the forest--see how close to the other trees it is):

Brother Bridgstock trying to light it up...It went out 2 minutes later:

 A picture as the fireworks were going off...can't really take good pictures of fireworks, but I tried. It was cool to watch the fireworks so close (but it was noisy).

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