Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday, Nov 24, 2013

I am coming close to the end of my 10th month. My family is pretty excited that I would be coming home in two months. They finally have accepted that it is OK for me to be here as long as I am not here longer than is needed.  

President Millar decided to have a couple replace me in the office. So, the Porters, will be working in the office. Well, we are hoping the couple will do housing and vehicles and Sister Cates can do my job. But, we still don't have a decision on who will do what.  I need to prepare a manual for my job so that people who follow will be able to use it.  It may be a challenge when the couple comes because our office is so small. But, we have been working hard in organizing lately and our office looks so much better. The next month will be really crazy here. We have Zone conferences this week and then we have the Christmas celebrations.  We have all the missionaries (all 300 of them) come here to the temple and we serve them Christmas dinner.  Luckily sister Adams is in charge of cooking (not me), but we will help a little.  She does an amazing job cooking for many people.

Even though it is not Christmas yet, our office is full of packages and mail for missionaries. We will distribute it during zone conferences this week and hopefully then start collecting the rest of the Christmas packages.  It will be fun though as we plan to go deliver packages to those missionaries that did not pick them up.
(this picture was earlier, now we have 4 times this much!)

I started sorting through my stuff and I already have so much and don’t know how I will get it home in two months. I am so sick of my clothes that I may not want to take them home anyway, but we will see.  

Last week we went out to eat at the famous Crepe restaurant in London by the Hyde Park chapel. We went with sister Carpenter and her daughter. I had a wonderful desert crepe, but the main dish crepe was not that great. I should have just skipped the other one and had the desert crepe I love (almond, Caramel, strawberry and crème). Here are some pictures:

Pesto Crepe:
 Half of the strawberry crepe:

After dinner we went and watched 'wicked'. It is a musical play (the story before the wizard of oz). It was really good actually and I really enjoyed it and even understood the story and what was going on, despite with the music and the British accent =)
View of the theater (the dragon moves and his eyes light up!):

My friend Alexandra stopped by and visited me today. She flew in from Germany and will be here for a few days only. I picked her up at the airport and took her to Brighton. We had lunch at my apartment (Mujadara, Hummus and salad and vegetables). She is vegetarian in case you Palestinians are thinking I am not a good host because I did not prepare 10 different meat dishes for her.  It was so nice to see her again. 
Here is a view from Devils Dyck road, we took a drive in Brighton (really pretty):

I am going to miss the green fields (even though everything is not quite as green anymore and all the leaves fell off, but it is still much greener than home).

Tomorrow we are having a big thanksgiving dinner. The Horsleys are cooking for us! and I am looking forward to it.
Here is a random picture with our departing missionaries a couple of weeks ago:

 Because it is Thanksgiving time, I don't want to end without mentioning how thankful I am for my many blessings. I have an amazing family who have been so kind and loving and patient with me. I have amazing friends who love me and do so much for me even though I am usually not a great friend. And I have the privilege of being here in this amazing country and enjoying the blessing of freedom. And above all, I know things that so many in the world don't: The purpose of life and the secret of happiness and peace. I am so grateful for a Savior who has given His life for me so that I can have that peace and happiness.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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