Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December 10

I hope you are all doing well and are not too buried in the Holiday business and can still focus on the reason for Christmas.

I thought I would have a relaxing Christmas here...HA HA. Little did I know. My Christmas back home was usually super busy and kind of crazy. I really thought since I won't have to buy gifts for people then I would not have much to do around Christmas time. But, I found out that Christmas is the busiest time here in the mission. 

We host a Christmas dinner for all 300 missionaries. We split them up in 4 groups and we make sure they get here and back to their areas. We also get all the packages and sort them and keep them in the office for the missionaries. So, when they come they get their packages. The below picture shows the mail for only 3 of our 9 zones. I could not fit the rest, so I had to re-organize then put a sign saying 'Caution: Falling packages, Proceed with caution =)'

Today I sorted mail (Christmas packages mainly) for 6 hours or so. By the time we finish one Trolley-full of packages they would call and said we got more!  Then we had 76 missionaries in the office getting their mail and it was like a tornado. But, we got rid of part of our Christmas packages...YAY. We still have many more and it is only December 10th and I have no doubt we'll get more. We had the first dinner today for 76 missionaries. Sister Adams does all the cooking with some help from others. I helped decorate the room with her and make snow flakes. See below pictures. We served all the missionaries which was really nice. I think they enjoyed it.

It was my companion's birthday today. I forgot to get her a cake, but we celebrated yesterday and this morning I filled her desk with post-it notes that say Happy Birthday and other things and gave her a gift. She really liked it. 

We have 3 couples coming the end of this week. I am trying to get organized and start training others, but I am too busy and can't seem to find a spare moment. Hopefully tomorrow will be calm and I can get some things done.

I have really had a hard time lately because I don't know what I am going to do after my mission. I really don't want to live in Palestine. However, there are really no options right now, except to go back. I actually really want to be with my family as I have not spent enough time with them and have put them aside for many years. But, I don't see my future in Palestine...So, I have been thinking a lot about what to do. After days of struggling with this, I finally decided to change my prayers. I was praying for Heavenly Father to help me find another place to go.  Instead, I decided to ask Him to help me make a difference wherever I end up and to help me feel peace about going home. I did feel peace! So, Heavenly Father wants me be in Palestine for a while at least.  And I actually feel excited that I am going home. I have missed my country. Especially during Christmas. It seems like every Christmas song reminds me of Bethlehem! I wonder why?! =) I think Christmas here will be nice this year though. I am looking forward to it. A friend of mine will be visiting and we will be spending Christmas with our mission president and his wife, so it will be an amazing experience I think.

We have had many Christmas Choirs come and perform at the visitors' center and it has been so nice to listen to so much Christmas music. I have to take some pictures at some point at the Visitors' center with their pretty tree and nativity scene. It is so pretty...

Below is a picture at the Thai restaurant with one of our X-Sister missionaries, Sister Cardona, who got married last month. She came back to visit us. Her husband is So nice and she deserves it because she is simply amazing!

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