Saturday, January 11, 2014

And the story continues...

I am going to try to keep my blog going. I hope it won't get too boring though for you. I may post once a week or once every two weeks. We'll see.
The shock of being back is gone and now it feels like I never left. Not much has changed here. Driving has been a challenge the first few days. I only drove on the left side of the street once though (you should be proud of me). I had forgotten how crazy driving is here.
I went to Ramallah to visit some friends on Thursday and I started taking pictures and laughing because I had forgotten how people drive here.

So, this is one picture in the street. Note that people are NOT crossing. They are just walking in the street. And I am driving behind them going 2 miles an hour as they walk in front of me and don't bother moving.  Even the guy selling the tea.

I got to the round about and didn't know which way to go, left or right =) Would you, had you come to this round about!? Those people are normally walking in the round-about!

Here are some pictures of Beit Sahour where I live. So different from England. Where are the trees? Only olive trees...I miss the trees and grass in England.

The BARE hills of Judea:


My family celebrated Christmas on January 7th. It was nice to see everyone again. As time goes by I know less and less people from my family. It is getting so big. Over 2000 member or more...They all gather every Christmas in a big hall and celebrate and eat together...

Here is a picture of my brother Mazin with the oldest member of our family (well, according to her at least), Im Atallah. My  brother was so good, He sat all the time next to her and asked her about family history and took notes since she probably knows more than anyone.

Here is a picture with my family. Brother Mazin, Sister Suhair, me, sister Samar, Nephew Ashraf, Sister in Law Jessie, and mother.

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  1. Despite the dearth of green, its still the best place in the world to celebrate Christmas! Family history--what a great endeavor for you and Mazin!