Saturday, January 25, 2014


I wish to share with you how grateful I am for my many blessings.
Last week when I went to Jerusalem I visited the Garden Tomb. 

I sat next to the tomb and imagined what it was like for the disciples to place the body of their Master and Lord in the tomb. Despite their association with Him and the many times He told them, they still probably did not fully understand that this death was only temporary. It must have been amazing for them to see Him again alive. 
We too often face difficulties in our lives, and even though Heavenly Father often tries to explain to us that these trials are only temporary we often don't understand. Our Father in Heaven desires only to bless us.  There are great things around us, if we but notice them.

We have a few lemon trees, orange trees and grapefruit trees. Due to lack of water they all don't do so well. It has not rained here ever since I came home from my mission! If only England could send us some of it's water.  It has been nice to see the sun and I am not complaining, but I know our trees need water.  We often can't water them because we don't get running water very often.  One orange tree we have ends up with so many oranges. But, the oranges are so sweet and full of seeds. We picked them all, and are trying to use them.

My dog and cats love to watch us work in the yard. 

My dog is so jealous of the cats. I can't pet any of the cats without Lassie jumping and requiring attention. I can't feed the cats without her attacking the cats and eating the food (if she likes it of course. She is very picky with what she eats). 

I have enjoyed the quietness of this place. I love my homeland. I love the beautiful weather we have had so far. It has been great to spend time with my sisters and mom. I feel closer to my sisters because I can spend time with them more than I did in the past.

I have finally adjusted and finally tired of doing nothing. I am going to start spending more time looking for jobs and looking for things to do. If any of you have any possible jobs, please let me know and I can email you my resume. I am looking all over the world, so I am not limiting my options.

I spent all week last week translating a book of sacrament time activities into Arabic. I feel it will be very useful to the Bethlehem group we have. We are going to start working with the children to help them be more reverent. If any of you have any ideas about some methods that work, feel free to post them on my blog.

I have been working on finding more hope for the future of the church here. I thought about it a lot last week. On Sunday, I had a dream where I was shown a verse in a book and told to read it. The verse said something like this: "If while in the darkness we cast our eyes upon the light, it (the light) will come." I got up at 4:30 am and wrote it down. To me, this means that even if you are in total darkness and can't see a light anywhere, focus on it, think of it and hope for it and it WILL come. There is hope in the world even though things may seem dark. Hope comes because the tomb that once had the body of Jesus in it, is now empty. Hope comes because Christ conquered all and because through Him we too can overcome all, and rise above sorrow and grief. He is our light, He is the light that exists in the darkness and always shines.  When we get to know Him our lives are never the same. Our lives are never dark. 

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  1. We love you Sahar! Why have we not known about your blog sooner?
    How is home? We wish we were there with you. We are grateful for Sahar Qumsiyeh!