Monday, March 10, 2014

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I actually can say I had a busy week. Yay...But, I much rather have nothing to do =) I am so tired!
I went to Ramallah for a couple of days and spent the night with my cousin at the Grand Park Hotel. It was a nice change...

My sister-in-law and I have visited a few students who have applied for financial aid in an attempt to evaluate their status. It has been interesting to find all the houses. Of course we have no addresses here (at least in the way people in the US do). We have no street names, or house numbers. Yet amazingly enough we are able to find the homes of those students just fine.  We went to Jericho yesterday with just a name of a neighborhood and we were able to ask people and find the house. Everyone knows each other here so if you get to the general area you can find the person you are looking for!

We met with a family yesterday...The mother was intentionally run over by an Israeli settler when she was 16 years old. The Israeli man tried to hit her and her friends with his car. She was not as fast as those with her and did not manage to avoid the hit. After that the driver backed up and hit her again.  The accident broke her back and she is in a wheel chair.  She got married to her physical therapist, and they had 3 kids. But, sadly her husband passed away 2 years ago. Now her children are all in their teens. Her girls are so smart it seems. One of her daughters invented a device for testing the blood sugar level through breath. Another daughter is studying dentistry and she is the one we wanted to interview. The cost of tuition for dentistry students is high, so we will see if the scholarship can cover it.
The mother told us that her brother was killed by the Israeli soldiers a while ago. She said after they killed him they tied him up to the back of their car and dragged him on the ground. She seemed passionate about the Palestinian cause and wondered why things have now gone down the hill.  Palestinians are so divided and Israelis basically do what they want and no one stops them.  
The family lives in a small home with little ventilation and no sun light. Of course going outside is almost impossible for the mother because our streets are not made for wheel chairs. Her strength is gone, probably due to lack of exercise and lack of sun light.

We started having primary and Sunday School after church this week. I taught primary for the fist time on Saturday. The kids that come have never been to primary and know nothing. I started really basic by teaching them they are children of God. It went very well, and they were really good in class. My experiences teaching primary in the past were different. The kids would not sit and would not listen, and it was a challenge. I really hope this nice behavior will continue. Hopefully I can make the lessons interesting enough that they would want to listen and continue to come.

We finally had some rain yesterday. It rained and rained. Well, here we have horrible drains in the streets, so there were rivers and ponds all over the place. It was nice though to see it rain.

I made this last week for a friend of mine. If you are trying to get your kids to help around the house, this is a good idea. Each treat has something written on it and you only get the treat if you do what the paper says.  Her 6-year-old actually cleaned the bathroom so as to get the treat.

Below are some pictures from our trip to Jericho. We had lunch at an expensive restaurant, but it was so worth it. The restaurant is on the water spring and we took our shoes off and walked in the water. It was so refreshing especially since it was so hot that day. My nephew's girls absolutely loved the water and wanted to stay in the stream and play forever.

In the first picture: Vera (nephew's wife) with her kids. This is inside the restaurant!

Just a nice cactus plant with a flower by it:

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