Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 26, 2014

Summer is here it seems. Where did Spring go? It seemed so short. It is already hot. It took me a while to organize my clothes and remove the ones I don't wear.  The good news is, I seem to have a lot of summer clothes. I guess spending a year in England and not wearing summer clothes at all made me miss my summer clothes.

We went to the Dead Sea the other day. It was a nice day and fun to sit by the sea and watch people cover themselves in mud then float on the salt water that makes you float without any effort on your part. My niece came with her kids and even though we warned the kids that they should not get water in their eyes, it still happened. Luckily after the first time they figured that they should not rub their eyes after they get salt water in them.  I did not swim, I enjoyed just watching everyone...

I have been sick for 2 days, but it is not anything major. It must be some sort of food poisoning...I am in pain, but it is getting better finally. I did not sleep the first night because of the pain. I got to watch good movies all night though which was fun.

I am planning a trip to the US this summer (June). I am still not sure I will be able to get a visa because I don't have a job here to prove I will come back. I have an invitation letter from the church so that should help. I will be working on a little project for the church to help Arabic speaking members.  I am looking forward to that. I will keep those of you in Utah posted as I will spend most of my time there.  There is sadly never enough time to see everyone, but I will try to see some of you. I may go visit my brothers if I have time.

I will celebrate my birthday in a couple of days. Everyone wants to take me out to eat to celebrate and my birthday is just one day. I started scheduling breakfasts so that I can go out with everyone. I feel loved!  

I am going on a trip with my sister on Thursday so that will be really nice. I have wanted to go up north to Banyas for a long time, I can't wait. I won't get to do that often as having a permit is rare...See, I got a permit for Easter, which means I can go to Jerusalem and other areas for a few weeks. I am very happy about that. I can't wait to go to church at the Jerusalem center next week. I will also be able to go to District conference on May 10th which is great. See we rejoice because the Israelis are nice enough to let us visit our country during the holiday season. Sadly my permit does not allow me to go to Eilat (the Red Sea). I have not been there since I was like 13 years old. I don't know if I ever will be allowed to go.

As for my job status, still unemployed.  I am thinking that I will wait until after my US trip then I absolutely have to find a job. It is nice to do nothing, but you can only do nothing for so long. My brother is coming to visit next month and so it will be nice to spend time with him and then I will spend a month in the US then I will be ready to start working. If UNRWA does not want me back by then I will teach part time (Ugh, I don't want to do that...but it is better than sitting home all day). I have to start making money instead of spending it!

I hope you all will have a great week.


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