Monday, April 14, 2014

Because of Him

As we spend this week contemplating the events that happened in the Holy Land about 2000 years ago, may we all spend the rest of our lives following our Savior, Jesus Christ...I am going to start by sharing this video:

Click Here to watch "Because of Him"

The greatest event in human history was the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. Why? Because without this single event our lives on earth would be meaningless and we all would eventually rest in a tomb with no hope of a resurrection.  As we are still mourning the death of my uncle, Easter has a more deep meaning to all of us. I went to the cemetery yesterday and walked around looking at the many tombs. All my uncles are now gone, yet death is not the end, just as birth is not the beginning. Life is eternal! 

I was especially happy recently to have found my grandparents' tombs. They are buried in the same grave according to my aunt. The only person who knew the location of the tomb, was my last living aunt on my father's side . There were no names on the tomb. I was able to get birth and death dates from my aunt and am making a small plastic piece which has their names to put that on the tomb stone. The tomb stone is old and pretty and I did not want to change the whole thing. Here is the tomb:

Don't mean to talk about tombs and death throughout my post. I just wanted to testify that I know that my Savior lives. I have been to the tomb where He was buried and it IS empty. Yet that is not the reason I know; I know He lives because I have a testimony of that fact burning within my heart. He lives to guide, comfort, and strengthen me. This is a nice hymn by our church choir:

Click here for Choir number: My Redeemer Lives

Sadly, many people think the resurrection is the only great thing about the atonement.  There are so many other things that we often forget, like some of the things mentioned in the video above. For example, forgiveness for our sins.  The price has been paid, yet may carry the big load of guilt and pain that results from sin.  Also, the atonement helps us find peace and joy in this life.  The greatest thing to me is that I can find someone (the Savior) who has gone through what I am going through and who understands my trials and difficulties personally and can assist me and comfort me.  When I am not able to forgive and love others, He (who was able to forgive and love those who crucified Him) can teach me how.
Our primary lesson this week was about following Jesus. After discussing with the children the many ways we can follow Jesus here on the earth, I showed them a book which has some examples. At one point, I said that Jesus forgave others and we should forgive.  Little Yara said: "But I don't want to forgive!"...I explained to her that she has to if she loves Jesus and wants to follow him. I hope each of us will strive harder to follow Christ especially this Easter Season.

One of the activities I did for the kids in primary was that on little cardboard feet, I wrote things that were good to do and things that were not. Then I had the children jump over the ones that had the good deeds to show they will follow the savior. I also had them trace their foot and wrote "I will follow Jesus" on the page and also a scripture where the Savior tells us that we should do the things He did. I did not get to finish but I was going to add on the paper something they promise to do this week to show they follow the Savior. We had time for only one of the children who got to promise he will pray this week to show he will follow Jesus.

This is a video about the life of Christ and the amazing things He did while on this earth. 

Click Here for Video about the Savior

Let us remember His gift this Easter. As you look at all the colors of the eggs and other East decorations, remember that it is the Savior who adds color to your lives. 

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