Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014

I am sorry I did not post anything this weekend. I never thought I could be busy without having a job, but I am.

Last week was my birthday and I wanted to thank everyone that wished me a happy birthday. I really felt loved and felt special!
Sadly, I had one of the worst birthdays I have ever had. I guess it is ok since I really don't like birthdays anyway. Since almost 40 days has passed since my uncle passed away the family was doing a memorial for him at the church. It just happened to be on my birthday! People from town would come to the church hall where they are served (sweet wheat and coffee). We basically stayed at the church hall for 4 hours that day. With my bad back/hip it was so hard for me to sit that long. And when we were finally done and ready to leave. My brother and his wife were going out to dinner and invited me to go with them. It was a bad idea as I should have gone home and rested. I had lunch super early at 11 am and by the time we left it was 8 pm and I was starving. The food at the restaurant was good, but it took them forever to cook it (like an hour to even bring the first dish--and we only ordered appetizers). 

The next day in the afternoon my cousin Rana brought me a cake without telling me. So, it was a nice surprise. I called my nieces and nephew and they came with their kids to eat cake. So, I had a delayed birthday, but it was good.

Because it was my uncle's memorial we are all wearing black, so this picture looks weird...

I may have found a job as a consultant, but nothing is for sure yet. It will pay well and keep me busy. I am glad that I will be making money for a change instead of spending and spending!!

On Sunday we took a trip to the Dead Sea. We were at one of the 5-star hotels up there. It was so nice! I have never stayed at a 5-star all inclusive hotel. We didn't spend the night there  but were there just for the day.  We used the spa facilities and the pool and it was so relaxing. Of course all food, drinks, ice cream...etc was free (well I mean included in the price). So, we ate so much! Definitely will have to go again and actually stay at the hotel.

Yesterday I applied for a visa to the US. I waited at the consulate forever till my turn finally came. I don't see the point of even saying you have an 11 o'clock appointment!!?? Anyway, the first question I was asked is: "you have not been to the US in a while, so why now?" After answering the question, he asked another question: "Are you working?" I told him that I was not, but I think I have found a job and will...He interrupted my sentence and said: "Your visa is approved, you'll get it in a week." and called the next person.

I still don't know when exactly in June I will travel, tickets are SO expensive! So, I am looking at different dates. I will keep those of you in the US posted.

It has been super hot here! I don't know how we will survive July and August...My shower has not been working, well the hot water sort of runs, but not the cold. I have cleaned the other bathroom in our house (the old one which has no toilet but only a hole in the floor--yes we have one of those!). That one has a shower, but nothing else (water goes everywhere)...but hey at least I can shower! This house is just old and falling apart. I hope someday I can have my own house...Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for what I have because unlike some people in our branch I at least have water and electricity. 


  1. Come to Vegas! It will be hot here, but I would love to see you! If you remember Ethelyn Peterson, she is here, too! I hope you have many lovely adventures this summer :)

  2. Hi, Sahar - please let us know if you come to Utah!!!

  3. So glad you got a visa! Any chance you would want to come out to Washington DC? There are lots of mid-singles out here! I could set up some firesides if you wanted. I would make sure to let people know that you are single and looking for a husband... :)