Monday, May 12, 2014

Travel Plans and other stuff

I am sorry I have not written again. I am getting bad at this. But, trust me when things calm down you'll get a long post...

I just got my tickets. I will be in Utah July 5 - July 24 and in Houston/lake Jackson area July 24-27th.  Again, I would be more than willing to give firesides during any of those weeks while I am in Utah. Just email me and let me know.

My brother Maher was supposed to arrive here tomorrow for a visit. he is stranded in Chicago because of bad weather and has been at the airport for 30 hours now. He just got a flight to Frankfurt, but his bag went to Washington D.C. Crazy huh? Poor Maher! 

We celebrated my brother, Mazin's birthday today and tomorrow we celebrate my sister's birthday. I have been enjoying myself because of this permit that I have for one month. Yesterday we went to the north to Banias. Banias was previously called Caesarea Philippi and is said to be the place where the Savior asked His disciples "Whom do men say that I the Son of man am?" and then Peter bears witness saying "Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God."(Matthew 16: 13-19) This place is so beautiful the river runs through the beautiful landscape. The waterfall there is amazing.

If you look at the new version of the scriptures and see the picture of Caesarea Philippi, you will notice that the picture of me below is the same place except for the lack of water. I don't know why there is less water there now.

We walked for a long time near the river...I thought I would die towards the end. One of those with us on the bus was an old lady and she actually did almost die. We got the ambulance and everything. Luckily she was fine...

We then went to ride the boats. We managed not to get that wet from the water in the river, but then it started pouring rain. It never rains here in May but it rained and rained. We were soaked. Actually I almost fell off the boat and my sweet sister caught my leg and saved me from falling into the cold water. 
One of those with us in the bus did fall in the water and hit her head on a rock and passed out...she floated down the river...she was rescued and again ambulance and it was quite the adventure trip!

The most fun parts of the boat ride was that we found some berry trees by the banks of the river and did our best to move the boat under the tree and pick berries. They were really good.  The other fun part was seeing a mother pig (wild pig) with her baby pigs cross the river.  Some of them made it up to the other side but others freaked out when they saw us and ran and could not get out of the water. Poor little pigs...That gave us a chance to see them up close though.

I am still not officially working but will start probably in 2 weeks. They want to get a lot done in June so I will be super busy.  I am also trying to prepare 14 Sunday school lessons so I can record them in Utah when I get there. Plus I am trying to prepare a lesson to teach relief society in Jerusalem...yay, that is the best thing for me. I miss doing that! 

And a side note, I just got called as the second counselor in the District Relief Society Presidency! I am so happy to be working with Emily again...So, Primary president in the branch and a district calling. I didn't even start and I am already super busy! Better than doing nothing, huh?

Oh and I finally started getting treatment for my hip problem (thinking about this 20+ hour US trip and freaking out)...and I went to this lady and it turned out she uses Chinese needles. Ugh...I would have never gone had I known. But, now that I am stuck I decided to try a few sessions before I run away. So far it is worse not better. I'll do it one more time and if it is still bad, I am giving up on her.

It is midnight and I better get some sleep...Good night everyone.
PS. if there are any typos in this, it is because it is late and I am tired!


  1. I LOVE Banias . . . such a lovely place! Please keep me posted on your Provo stay. Heather will be giving her return talk from her mission July 13th and I have a lot of family piling in from July 12-end of the month, but we'd LOVE to see you . . . and you are welcome to stay with us (if your nerves can stand perpetual motion and rowdy crowds :) ). So sorry to hear about your hip problem. Good luck! PS--We were just in the London Visitor's Center last week. We thought of you and your service in the country there!

  2. sahar,

    I am Blaine and Linda Gunther's daughter. We would love to arrange a fireside for either the youth or our entire ward sometime during you stay. You are also welcome to stay with us. We live in Pleasant Grove. My sister lives in my parents home with her husband in American Fork and I am sure they would love to have you stay with them as well. Please email me at

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