Thursday, May 8, 2014

Trip to the US

Just to put you all at ease, I really won't be able to stay for a long time in the States. I think I will probably stay 3 weeks, mainly in Utah.
I will be recording some Gospel Principles lessons in Arabic for the church. That should take about 10 days and will be in Riverton. 
I will probably spend 10 days there, or in nearby areas like Draper then spend the other 10 days in Provo/Orem area. 

For those of you would have kindly asked me to come see them in other areas, I wish I could. I wish the US was a little bit smaller so I could see all of you (in DC, Oregon, CA...etc). I have family in Texas that I would love to see, but it seems like it will be a short visit and I won't get to see anyone.

For those of you in Utah, I will get to see some of you, not all. We will have to work it out somehow and have a get-together. Obviously I can't visit each of you in your home as much as I would want to.

I am looking for places to stay during my trip. If you live near Riverton and have an extra room, let me know by email or though facebook. I will stay at a hotel for part of the time, but can't stay 3 weeks in a hotel I think.

Also, for those feel like arranging things, I would be happy to give firesides. I know you need advance notice to organize those...I am not sure of my final travel days. But, should know in the next few days. I am thinking about June 19 - July 12th or something around there (end of June beginning of July). 

PS. Tickets are so expensive and I can't seem to find something cheap. Any thoughts?

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  1. You can always try for cheaper tickets. Good luck! And have so much fun in the states!