Monday, June 30, 2014


I am in Sharm El sheikh in Egypt with my sister for a week. We get limited Internet here, but other than that no complaints. 

We are staying at mirabel Jaz hotel here. The hotel is ok but covers a large area which means you need to do a lot of walking in the heat. So far I am not burned, but surely darker. I can't bear to be in the sun for more than 5 minutes. But then I am watching all those British people sit in the sun all day until they roast. My sister does not understand, but then she has never been to England and does not know that British people come here to get a year supply of sun. They don't see it there. Seems like mostly Russian and British people here. 
I made my sister go on the parachute and the banana boat. It was a lot of fun. Today we saw a dolphin show. 
The hotel is on the beach and you have to walk 2 miles into the beach to get to the place where you can see the fish. We finally walked it today only to find that there were no steps from the walkway down to the water. My sister did not want to go down but I did. There were lots of waves and it was really not safe. But the fish was totally worth it. The wave hit me into the pole then I could not get back onto the walkway. Down was easy but up was not possible. My sister did not have the strength to lift me.  we pleaded for rescue from a strong guy. Made it up with a few scratches. Still totally worth it. 
Yesterday we went to Soho. Shopping area and a dancing fountain. Fun but I am exhausted now. And soar all over. I need to rest more! 

I lost 10 pounds or so in the last few weeks. I am trying to gain those back while here. We eat 5 meals a day. The hotel's food is great. Like so many varieties of salad and deserts. I miss being hungry. Ha ha. They have a new varity of food every day. How can they have so many dishes

Let me see if I can post pictures on Facebook later. This is not working from this crazy Internet. 

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