Sunday, June 1, 2014

Family News

It has been a busy week (I seem to say that a lot lately). Really, how can someone who does not work be so busy? Strange huh?

My mom has not been doing well. I won't share much of the details of what she has, but whatever the doctor gave her does not seem to be working. Her blood sugar also has increased a lot. She probably needs to start taking insulin. But, she won't go see just any doctor regarding that and insists on going to this one doctor who only comes here to the clinic on Friday. She has been tired and barely gets out of bed. I've been taking her back and forth to hospitals doing some tests and seeing doctors. Hopefully we will get all this resolved.  The good thing is that although she has Hepatitis C and has not been taking any medication for it (due to her age and health) her liver is fine. The tests for the liver show no problems at all. 

As for me, I am sticking with this one doctor. I am tired of taking the opinion of multiple doctors. My pain is almost invisible when I take the medication, but afterwards I still have pain. It seems to be getting better though (the pain is less). Yesterday I took the last pill and I will wait and see what will happen without any pain medication. I am really hoping I will be fine when I take that long flight to the US. Sitting bothers me a lot. I can't sit for more than a few minutes before starting to have pain in my thigh and lower back.

Anyway, enough about sickness and doctors! I am trying to prepare for my trip to the US, but can't seem to find any time. I really hope all of those waiting to hear my firesides will not just sit and look at a silent person...I guess if all else fails I will use the 20 hours on the flight/layovers to prepare. Just kidding, really I promise that I am already thinking and praying about what I will speak about. Hopefully those sweet people who have made the effort to organize all those firesides and talks won't be disappointed. Thank you all. I appreciate the love and trust you have in me. I am looking forward to seeing all of you.

On Friday we went to Bethlehem University and attended a ceremony where my brother Mazin signed a memorandum of understanding with the university. My brother will donate a large sum of money to the university for the establishment of a Natural History museum (the first of it's kind in Palestine--and actually in other Arab countries). My brother loves animals. When I was a child he would take me and my cousin with him on his hikes and expeditions in nature where he would study bats, mice, insects and other types of Animals. He has put so much effort into this. It has been his dream to see this museum established. This dream started as he was inspired by my uncle Sana Atallah who was working towards that goal in the 1960's, but was tragically killed in a car accident in Iran in 1970. I never got to meet him. He was famous at the time in his field. He even has a rabbit species named after him (Atallahi Rabbit).

This is a picture of some of the many articles written in papers about my uncle when he died in 1970. It is not a great camera that I took this with in addition to an old article...sorry.

Yesterday there was an article in the local paper about my brother Mazin.  Note that the article has one mistake is that it mentions that my uncle Sana died in Lebanon when in fact he died in Iran.

Here is an updated calendar for my trip if you are interested. I will add more info when I have it.

Calendar for US trip in July

Saturday, July 5
Arrive 1:36 pm SLC Flight AF 8990
Staying in Draper.

Schedule that day: shopping and sleeping—Long flight!!

Sunday, July 6
Staying in Draper.

Schedule that day:
Morning: Attending church in Draper.
Evening: Fireside in SLC
Topic: Obedience
Address of Fireside: TBA
Time of Fireside: TBA

Monday, July 7
Staying in Draper.

Schedule that day:
11:00 am Recording GP lessons 3 & 7 in Riverton.
7:00 pm Fireside at Carpenters’ home.

Tuesday, July 8
Staying in Draper.

Schedule that day:
10:00 am Recording GP lessons 11 & 15 in Riverton.

Wednesday, July 9
Staying in Draper.

Schedule that day:
10:00 am Recording GP lessons 19 & 23 in Riverton.

Thursday, July 10
Staying in Draper.

Schedule that day:
9:00 am Recording GP lessons 26 & 27 & 31 in Riverton.

Friday, July 11
Staying in Draper.

Schedule that day:
9:00 am Recording GP lessons 35 & 38 & 39 in Riverton.

Saturday, July 12
Staying in Draper.

Schedule that day:
9:00 am Recording GP lessons 43 & 47 in Riverton.

Sunday, July 13
Staying at: Pleasant Grove with Howard family.

Schedule that day:
9:00 am Attending a ward in SLC.
11:00 am speaking to YM/YW of that ward
Address of ward:

6:00 pm Fireside in Pleasant Grove
Topic: Obedience
Address of Fireside: 1320 West 3540 North

Monday, July 14
Staying in: Provo

Tuesday, July 15
Staying in: Provo

Wednesday, July 16
Leaving to California.

Thursday, July 17
Leaving to California overnight in CA San Francisco Area.

Schedule that day:
6:00 pm Stake Fireside in California.
Topic:  Charity
Address of Fireside:
Time of Fireside:

Friday, July 18
Return from California.
Staying in Provo.

Saturday, July 19
Staying in Provo.

Sunday, July 20
Staying in Provo.

Schedule that day:
9:00 am speaking at Holladay 2nd Ward
Topic: Dealing with opposition using faith.

Address of Ward: 4568 South Holladay Boulevard, SLC 84117

Monday, July 21
Staying in Provo.

Tuesday, July 22
Staying in Murray

Wednesday, July 23
Staying in Murray

Thursday, July 24
Leaving to Houston at 9:20 am
flight Delta 4635

July 25-26
In Houston/Lake Jackson area with family.

Sunday, July 27
Departure to Amman at 4 pm
Flight AF 639
Monday, July 28  Travel to Palestine through bridge.

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  1. Sahar! I would love to hear you speak! I live in Vegas but I would be happy to drive to Utah or California if my schedule permits to see you! :)